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We undertake mandatory measures and medical tests before registering a patient for a suitable treatment. When it comes to infection or relative complications, a variety of special screenings along with respective diagnoses are performed to take a good look inside the problematic area. Such is the case with your kidney malfunctions. If anyone develops urinary tract problems such as crystal Kidney Stone Removal, ureteral strictures, or tumors. We perform a Diagnostic Ureteroscopy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to monitor the ongoing situation inside your urethra and affected kidney. Read along as we enlighten you about the entire process of this smart procedure that allows Doctors to tackle the problem from its very core.

What Is Diagnostic Ureteroscopy?

This is a versatile medical procedure that allows the medical team to take a clear view of the urethra or urinal tube which is directly linked to your bladder and kidneys. Furthermore, this method is also used to detect other urine-related problems that usually occur due to kidney dysfunction. We can navigate the exact location of the growing problem and dismiss its activities with effortless attempts using our state-of-the-art surgical tools and devices.

How Is It Performed?

This is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under the influence of general or spinal anesthesia. Below is a brief information about the process;

  • To begin with, we will insert a slender like tube in the urethra. This is a flexible tool that is known as an endoscope, which has a built-in camera and torch device. 
  • This device is carefully pulled through the fragile area and guided toward the bladder for further monitoring. 
  • After reaching the designated region, the physician will draw attention to other specialized instruments such as; laser and biopsy needles to address the targeted problem. 
  • After careful analysis of the diagnosis, we will extract the tools from the body. Your medical treatment will proceed within days or weeks after discussing the surgical formalities and protocols. 


You can safely return home right after your session. The outcomes of this diagnosis have positive outcomes on your health. Any underlying or hidden problem can be diagnosed on time and treated timely as well. On the other hand, quite a few times, patients tend to feel side pain toward their kidney sides. Fearing a possible Renal Calculi or other cancerous infections taking place. However, a detailed diagnosis can give a final verdict of having a perfectly healthy bladder or kidneys without any danger.

What Are The Risk Factors?

Any possible risk or potential side effects are rare. However, during the screening, rarely some unexpected mishaps could occur. These uncommon associated complications are;

  • Infection; which can be tamed with oral medications
  • Bleeding; due to fragile and complex tissues, some internal scratching or bruising could lead to bleeding which eventually resolves on its own.
  • Perforation; could occur which results in the Ureteral Stent Insertion getting damaged or injured during the procedure. Although the risks are low, however, the probability is not denied either.

What Are The Benefits?

Diagnostic Ureteroscopy offers a variety of advantages such as;

  • Accurate diagnosis of the ongoing situation. 
  • A direct view of the internal region.
  • Witnessing any possible blockage of the kidney stones in the urinal tube. 
  • A display of the kidney being decayed.
  • Diagnosing other ureteral strictures. 

Outlook On Recovery:

The recovery period is generally very short. Although most patients may return home on the same day. However, in some cases, we will keep the patient under observation. Depending on their specific medical condition and the complexity of their health. 

Alternative Options For The Diagnosis:

CT Scans and IV Pyelograms are among the alternative diagnostic ureteroscopy which is usually preferred for further analysis to track urinary tract problems. What happens is that, sometimes, although the patient does claim to be in pain. However, the medical reports could suggest otherwise. To make sure we double-check the situation, these Blood Tests For Kidney Function could be approached for more effective reports. To sum up, this is a safe and reliable procedure in terms of diagnosing all your bladder, kidney, and urine-related problems. Your healthcare provider will sign you up for the best treatment options relevant to your case.

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