Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal Clinic Dubai

Fear Nasal Surgery? Say Hello to PDO Thread Lifts.

No matter what the public tells you interesting facts about your irregular nose shape, a beautiful nose is highly regarded. So, despite backing off, thinking that there was only a surgical solution, and living the rest of your life with a defect in your nose, why not try Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? It is safe, requires minimal downtime, and is more affordable than nose surgery.

What is Hiko Nose Thread Lift?

A new trend in non-surgical nose augmentation uses absorbable PDO threads to magically reshape the nose at will, called Hiko Nose Thread Lift. It can correct deviations of the nose, lengthen and sharpen the bridge of the nose, and achieve a perfect slope with a defined tip.

It’s globally recognized as the safe alternative to nasal fillers and Surgical Rhinoplasty, is fast, painless, has no downtime, and supports more potent results. The results of this new nonsurgical nose correction are natural and in most cases last up to 3 years.

What Should you Know?

  • Fast, painless, and affordable
  • The rapid change will be up to you after treatment but will improve over time
  • No downtime, but be very careful with your nose entry point for at least the first two days to prevent complications.
  • The overall treatment takes about 20 minutes.
  • The result lasts for about 1-2 years.


The treatment will give a more prolonged and higher nose bridge. It appears sharper, slimmer, and straighter after the treatment. The nose tip is also enhanced with a better rotation.

Hiko Nose Thread Lift Abu Dhabi  Hiko Nose Thread Lift Clinic in Abu Dhabi  Hiko Nose Thread Lift Clinic in Dubai

Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Abu Dhabi  Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai

How does this Thread lift improve Nose Shape?

As previously reported, Hiko Thread Lift works by placing PDO threads inside the nose. These threads act as a support structure to the nose, shape it properly, increase the suitable height and create beautiful contours. In cases where patients require a sharper nasal tip, specialists will insert the thread into the nasal tip to achieve desired projection in the lower part of the nose.

There are no incisions in the nasal thread lift. An entry point is made in the nose with a hole for a pin to insert the thread, and the placement is guided using a cannula. The thread used in the Hiko nose lifter is made from PDO, a material that has been used in sutures for the past many years. These threads dissolve over time in the body and allow the nose to take the correct shape as the body produces collagen.

What is the Procedure Like?

The Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi takes only 20 minutes when doctors insert special PDO threads into the nose through a small pinhole entry point. With the help of these threads, the skin of the nose is molded to the required shape and size.

Depending on the type of nasal profile you want to achieve, the procedural techniques may differ in your case. In some cases, specialists combine thread lifting with fillers for more evident results.

How much does it Cost to have a Nose Thread Lift?

The average cost of a Hiko Nose Thread Lift is around AED 700 per thread and can exceed AED 4,000 or more. Contact the clinic directly to get the most accurate estimate in accordance with the desired changes that will be required in your case.

Benefits and Side Effects:


It’s hard to believe that nose thread lifting has many advantages over fillers and even surgical Rhinoplasty. Since it claims to produce really better results without using a knife, more and more people are seeing this as an advantage and they love the idea of getting an amazing nose shape without invasive intervention.

However, following the benefits of this new nose alteration approach.

  • Straightened bumps on Nose Bridge.
  • Sharper and thinner nose.
  • Improved tip of the nose.
  • Left out a deviated septum
  • Better Breathing

Side Effects:

We would like to inform you that complications are extremely rare but still individual. As long as high-quality threads are inserted by a professional in the correct position of the nose, there are no side effects. Choosing the wrong surgeon is one of the main reasons people end up with complications such as:

  • Skin infection.
  • Unwanted nose height
  • Strange and artificial-looking results

How Long Does it Last?

The results tend to last about 2-3 years, or possibly longer, depending on how soon your nose regains its original shape.


At this point, research can be stopped by men and women around looking to have an ideal nose shape without surgery. The wonders of achieving a higher and straight nose without surgery are now simply possible with Hiko Thread Lift. This non-surgical improvement is known worldwide for its excellent results, however, Dubai offers the best Hiko thread lift and we are one of the leading providers. We believe that all patients deserve a successful and safe nose lift, which is why we ensure a safe, professional clinic environment by ensuring proper hygienic standards using quality products.

All we can say is it is worth having this thread lift if your goals are realistic! Consult our doctors for Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by filling out the short form below or simply call us on +971 4333 0708.