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Any discontinuity in the skin or decrease in the integrity of the skin refers to the wounds. When there is any damage to the skin, the body’s natural healing mechanism activates. To heal the wound the body first constricts the blood vessels to stop the bleeding. Then the body produces collagen and replaces the damaged cells with new ones to maintain the skin’s integrity. In addition, the body continues to produce more collagen and new cells to completely heal the wounds. Wounds become chronic when they fail to heal on their own. They become severe and can spread infections in different parts of the body. There are also several types of chronic wounds that need medical treatment to heal. Heal for Real: Chronic Wound Treatment Options in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are variables that can help you in curing these wounds.

What is it?

Wounds occur due to any external trauma or unexpected cuts or abrasions. Our body starts healing it once it detects the wounds. If the wounds do not heal in a certain time period it becomes chronic, Mainly, the acute wound heals in 2-3 weeks. If the wound takes more than this time it becomes chronic. There is an underlying pathology that causes a delay in the wound such as vascular insufficiency and diabetes. Moreover, it can also occur due to poor circulation and inadequate nutrition.

Type of Chronic Wounds:

Chronic wounds are of several types. They mostly extend to the deeper layers of the skin. If such wounds do not get treatment in time they get critical and sometimes amputation of the limb becomes essential. Following are the types of Chronic wounds.

  • Ulcers (occur due to venous, arterial insufficiency)
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Pressure sores
  • Burn injury
  • Cancerous wounds
  • Cellulitis (if the wound gets open)
  • Inflammation of periosteal skin
  • Surgical wounds


Heal for Real Chronic Wound Treatment Options in Dubai Best Heal for Real Chronic Wound Treatment Options Clinic in Dubai Best Heal for Real Chronic Wound Treatment Options in Dubai

Treatment Options:

Chronic wound treatment depends on the type and severity of the wounds. The doctor uses several methods to treat the wounds. Commonly, cleansing and debridement of wounds help to cleanse them. But sometimes the wound needs antibiotics for its healing. Following are the treatment option for treating chronic wounds.

  • Debridement:

Debridement of the wounds is the medical procedure that helps to clean the wound. The goal of the debridement is to remove necrotic tissue and clean the pus and blood from the wound. The removal of infected and dead tissue is possible by manual procedures as well as by using some enzymatic topical ointments or maggots. Hydrotherapy can also help to remove the wounds’ dead and infected layer. The doctor uses local anesthesia before this procedure.

  • HBOT:

HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Its use has become very common nowadays. It helps to treat several wounds like ulcers, and diabetic wounds that have compromised blood supply. In this procedure, the patient sits in an oxygen chamber. The patient fully breathes oxygen which increases the blood supply to the wound. Exposure of wounds to oxygen makes white blood cells rush toward it. Eventually, the healing process of the wound increases.

  • Skin Grafts:

It is a surgical procedure that uses the skin of other parts of the body to cover the wounds. If the wound becomes too large to cure from other treatments then the doctors choose skin grafts as a treatment option. In this procedure, the doctor takes the graft from the donor site which is usually the thighs or abdomen. And graft it onto the recipient site which is the wound area. The surgeon sometimes also uses aesthetic material to cover the wound.

  • Compression Therapy:

The doctors mostly apply this treatment with other options. They use antibiotics or topical ointments for the wound. After the topical application, the doctors apply compression therapy. That applies pressure on the wounds. It reduces swelling and promotes healing by increasing circulation. It also helps to provide the optimal environment for the wound and diminishes the risk of infections.


Aftercare measures are necessary to follow. Because if the person does careless in prevention, the risk of infection of the wound increases and can worsen the condition of the wound. 

  • Keep the wound clean and clear
  • Apply topical medications to kill bacteria on the wounds
  • Place a dressing on the wound to protect it from the dirt.
  • Eat your medications to stop infection of the wound
  • Keep a check on the wound to see if it is healing properly
  • Examine thoroughly to find any kind of infection. Consult your doctor immediately.


These treatments help in the healing of the wound and provide several other benefits which are as follows.

  • Helps to decrease the risk of infections
  • Cleanse the wound and removes the dead cell layers from the skin
  • Reduces the scarring of the wounds
  • Decreases the pain and discomfort
  • Improves the healing of the wound

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