Harnessing PRP For Stronger, Thicker Hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

There is a reason why nature designed every living species with a healthy set of hair. Humans and animals, each separate being benefit from this additional and natural gift. Although non-humans are not familiar with hairstyles, surely humans are well aware of the latest trends. Everyone wishes to undergo certain fashions and styles to look their best. But if you are currently struggling with hair falls or unusual patterns of bald patches. Do not despair! PRP Hair Treatment In Dubai can change your life for good! Read and learn more about the treatment. And discover; Harnessing PRP For Stronger, Thicker Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. A progressive journey of processing healthy hair. 

What Is PRP For Hair?

PRP for hair is the regrowth of new follicles on your scalp. What happens is; your own blood is extracted from your body. This is further modified, and the inflammatory cells are removed. The plasma-rich stem cells are then gradually injected. These will activate collagen inside the dermis. Which will repair the damage done over the course of time. A new batch of restored follicles will reproduce and spread across your entire head. This is a non-invasive method to grow natural hair without involving any cutting or bleeding. Another piece of good news is; no additional drugs or formula is introduced to the body.

What Are The Results?

This treatment is a work of art. Although the results depend on how your body is going to react to the process. This progress, however, will contribute to a better and fuller-looking healthier set of fully grown hair. However, you are advised to sit for at least a number of 5 or 6 sessions to experience improvements. And in less than a year, the outcomes will produce productive results. 

Harnessing PRP For Stronger, Thicker Hair in Dubai Harnessing PRP For Stronger, Thicker Hair Clinic in Abu Dhabi Harnessing PRP For Stronger, Thicker Hair Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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What Is The Procedure?

This is a very simple, and in-office treatment plan. Below is a brief detail about the master plan;

  • You are asked to fill out your medical history form upon your arrival. This is a one-time procedure. Therefore, it is not necessary to continuously go through the same process every time you visit for your appointment.
  • The expert will see you shortly in their office. He/She will go through your medical form. And talk you through the process.
  • The next step is to examine your scalp. And determine a plan to treat your concerns.
  • An assistant will draw out some blood from your arm. These samples will be put into a special machine, where the good and bad cells are separated apart.
  • The extracted plasma is filled up with a few injections. These will be directly inserted into your scalp.
  • The entire duration may last for an hour or more. It depends on the candidate’s current situation. Surely, the time period is going to reduce over your upcoming sessions.
  • In the end, you are checked in for another appointment. And are sent home with a few aftercare regimens to practice at home. 

What Are The Benefits?

There are unlimited benefits to PRP Hair Treatment In Dubai. Read to learn more about the happy changes;

  • The newly grown baby hair will grow thicker and stronger. This is the active collagen working its wonder inside your scalp. 
  • You will notice all the gaps and wide partings are filling up the spaces. The hairline is becoming healthier every day.
  • You will easily style your hair. And try out all the hairstyles you come across on your social media.
  • This will boost your confidence as well. You appear younger and more appealing to look at.
  • There is no downtime to the treatment. This means you can either go back to your work. Or go about the other daily activities you wish to resume after sitting your session. 
  • Another happy news is; you can even dye your hair according to your liking. No chemicals are able to affect your hair growth anymore. 
  • Your overall performance at work and other social gatherings is also going to level up as well. Looking and feeling your best is the most extraordinary accessory you can carry along.
  • And lastly, this is a completely natural hair-growing method. Therefore, with great hair and health care, you can sustain the maintenance for years to come. There is no reverse to the treatment. 

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