Hand Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Age is a big factor in determining the natural outlook of a person. Thankfully modern technology has provided advanced techniques which are tailored to each person’s individual needs and are therefore very effective at treating the issues at their core. Here we’ll discuss Hand rejuvenation with fat transfer which is just such a procedure that helps in reducing the aging effects on your hands which have a tendency to not only form wrinkles but also lose volume causing loose skin to appear. Hand Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer Cost In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is around AED 15000, which may vary depending on each individual case, and Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai recommends this procedure in combination with other treatments to get the best possible results.

Age – A Driving Factor For Cosmetic Procedures And Overall Cost:

There seems to be no shortage of products that deal with the aging effects over time from moisturizers to sunblock and makeup products to help conceal fine wrinkles and lines that appear as you get older. But there is a limit to what these products can do to help. To cross those limits, you have to start looking into cosmetic treatments which provide a more direct resolution through the removal of fat, loose skin, and fat transfer – but at the same time, add to the cost you bear to get desired results.

What Affects The Cost of Hand Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer?

Cost may vary since each case is different and a different combination of treatments may be required. The procedure is aimed at resolving the lack of volume in the hands by taking fat from other parts of the body, purifying it, and reinjecting it in your hands. This combined with laser therapy, PRP, and chemical peel leaves you with revitalized hands that look decades younger meaning that the sooner you get treatment, the less cost you will bear.


Hand Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer Cost in Dubai Hand Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer Cost Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Hand Rejuvenation With Fat Transfer Cost in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

Anyone with the following hand-related issues is a candidate for getting hand rejuvenation at our clinic.

  • The appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Changes in skin tone or appearance of sunspots.
  • Bones or veins become increasingly prominent.
  • Reduction in hand volume owing to aging factors.


An initial consultation is recommended to know what sort of procedure you will undergo and its cost. During this consultation make sure to,

  • Discuss your complete medical history and any medication you may be taking. Any allergies or previous treatment you may have undergone
  • Discuss your expectation so you can get an idea of how much cost you will bear to achieve said result.

As stated earlier, the cost may increase/decrease if more/less supporting treatments are required, but only an expert can determine which process is necessary so make sure to seek consultation from a certified professional with experience in this field.

Cost Changes With Changes In Procedure:

Hand rejuvenation with fat transfer, as the name suggests involves 2 main steps which can determine the cost of the entire procedure.

  • Hand Rejuvenation:

This somewhat ambiguous term refers to improving the appearance of hands using several techniques which may be used in combination to get desired results. This part of the procedure plays a key role in determining the overall cost since it can address multiple issues which change with each case. In some cases a chemical peel may be required to improve skin tone, in other cases, laser treatment may be required to remove dark spots or sun damage. In short, depending on the condition of the hands, different treatment methods may be used which can add to the overall cost. 

  • Fat Transfer:

Similar to HD Liposuction, this involves taking excess fat from other parts of the body, cleaning and reprocessing that fat, and injecting it into your hands to improve the volume and reduce loose skin. In some cases, extra dermal fillers may be required to add volume if deemed necessary, in others, PRP injections may be needed to get desired results, increasing the cost of the procedure by a certain factor.


Hand rejuvenation has the following benefits:

  • Improved aesthetic profile
  • More confidence in the day-to-day routine
  • Minimal cost as compared to other procedures with lasting results.

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