Hair Transplants and the Risk of Nerve Damage in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Hair loss does not spell the end of the world. Because of advancements in the worldwide cosmetic surgery market. Many techniques to treat excessive hair loss have been strengthened. A Hair Transplant in Dubai is a surgical operation for cosmetic purposes. It is one method for restoring fullness to your hair. It entails transferring healthy hair transplants from one part to another. You may remain young with less downtime and spectacular results in eight to 10 months. The operation will enhance your inherent beauty and raise your confidence. The treatment beautifies the scalp. But there is a misconception about hair transplants and the risk of nerve damage. While the dangers of the procedure are low. Patients need to understand the potential risk. Nerve damage is one potential side effect. But, before consenting to therapy. Patients must have a thorough grasp of the potential dangers of surgery.


The treatment involves transferring hair. From a region with normal hair development to a region with thinning and baldness. Patients suffering from common baldness are turning to the procedure. The surgical intervention for hair implantation in regions where no hair remains. It is a painless treatment that is conducted under a local anesthetic. It aims to prevent hair fall and restore hair. It gives a youthful appearance. This activity examines the evaluation and management of patients receiving transplantation.


Both men and women can receive this hair-regrowth procedure. Women have the misperception that they are not suitable candidates for the procedure. But this is not the case. Anyone who falls into one of the following groups of applicants. They can schedule an appointment to regain their beautiful appearance:

  • There should be no regions on the patient’s scalp that cannot be used for the transplant.
  • The individual should be in their late twenties or older.
  • If you have chronic conditions, you might have a longer recovery process.
  • Finally, if you have any unrealistic expectations from this hair regrowth procedure,
  • Applicants first discuss this with their operating doctor and then proceed.

Can a Hair Transplant Operation Harm the Nerves?

Any procedure has the possibility of difficulties. These dangers apply to hair transplants as well. Nerve injury is one of the possible negative effects. But, many people recover from surgery. They never experience these issues. It is common to feel minor negative effects. Your scalp may feel itchy after the procedure. This is a transient consequence of your neurons recovering from surgical trauma. Some individuals never heal and remain numb around their scars.

Pre-Operative Care:

There isn’t much to do before receiving a hair implant. If applicants wish for reliable results and to avoid infections. Then follow the following instructions:

  • Try to avoid drinking and smoking.
  • Tell your doctor about allergies.
  • Conduct all the reports.
  • Applicant must avoid all hair products
  • Avoid aspirin and blood thinners.

Types of Technique:

There are many surgical and non-invasive procedures for transplantation. But the following are the most effective options:


It is the strip extraction technique that enables the removal of strips of hair roots. It extracts from the bottom or edges of the scalp. This area is known as the donor region. That full the scalp and  resistant to baldness. The single units are removed from the strip and implanted in the recipient’s location.

  • Preparing the target volume. The surgeon will make a tiny incision at the site of implantation.
  • Graft implantation: In the last phase, the expert will place grafts into a small incision.


It is a less invasive treatment that allows for the removal of single hair shafts. It is derived from the source location and placement in bald areas. It is a better solution for those who have a severe aversion to scarring. And cannot take a long period off from work.

  • Preparing the target volume: The expert will make tiny incisions in the target region. That is to allow for the insertion of hair implants.
  • Graft implantation: After preparing the receiving area. The surgeon puts donor patches into a small incision to complete the surgery.

Post-Op Care:

When leaving the clinic with your brand-new follicles. You must exercise caution, or the scar tissue will come out before it cures. It renders the surgery ineffective. Other recommendations are provided below:

  • Use your medication and scalp creams for fast healing.
  • Avoid applying hair products or bleaching your scalp.
  • Wear baggy clothes and deep-necked tops.
  • Try to limit your interactions to the hairline.
  • No matter how uncomfortable your scalp is, do not rub it.
  • If you want to improve your appearance, you can schedule a PRP treatment in Dubai.
  • Avoid putting pressure on the treated region, such as by wearing tight clothing.


The Cost of Hair Transplants in Dubai ranges from AED 7,000 to AED 14,000. The cost of the surgery reflects the surgeon’s precision, quality, experience, and technique. The patient’s amount of baldness can alter the expenses. We make certain that our patients are receiving the finest amazing experience.

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