Hair Transplant For White Hair In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

A procedure where a healthy hair follicle is transplanted to the bald area(s) on the head from side or back i.e. donor site is called Hair Transplant. This treatment is used to treat pattern baldness and is performed under local anesthesia by a dermatologist. Hair Transplant for White Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is similar to normal transplant as grey hair is just as healthy as dark or any colored hair.

Causes of Grey Hair:

Colored hair is caused by melanin which is a pigment produced in the hair follicle by melanocytes. Melanin is also responsible for our skin color making it fair or dark. With the increase in age, the production of melanin in the hair follicle is decreased or even stopped when a person reaches a certain age. This causes a loss in pigmentation of the hair turning it grey, silver, or even white.

There is no certain age for a person to start getting grey hair. It depends on the genes. Some can get at an early age as well however for others it can be as late as the 30s or 40s before they notice the first strand of grey hair.

Can White Hair be Transplanted?

The treatment at Enfield Royal Clinic for white hair is the same as colored hair. The only difference is in the pigmentation of the hair. Hair follicle for white hair is as healthy as colored hair. Loss of melanin does not make the hair unhealthy. However, with increasing age, the secretion of lubricating oil also decreases which makes the hair dry causing breakage.  


The results of Hair Transplant for White Hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are long-lasting and satisfying. The result for this treatment is similar to colored hair in which natural hair grows back and reduces bald patches and restores confidence. It is a permanent hair loss solution that is advisable for suitable candidates. 


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Factors Evaluated Before Transplant:

Physical and medical diagnosis is important before the procedure. A dermatologist may carry out some blood tests and check vitals to make sure the patient is healthy before the treatment.

If a person has certain patches of white hair on the head, there are chances of mismatched hair after the transplant. To avoid this, the micrograft technique is used in which 1 to 2 hairs in the graft are taken and placed on bald patches. Another method of slit grafts in which 10 to 15 hair is taken is not suitable in this case as it would result in mismatched hair after the transplant. In such cases, the treatment should be carried out by an experienced Trichologists.  

Pre-Care and Post-Care:

The doctor may ask to stop taking certain medications, like aspirin, before the procedure. The sides and back of the head need to be shaved but the front and top areas are to be left unshaved. The unshaven part of the head helps to hide the area of the treatment. The patient should stop taking vitamin supplements and fish oil 3 weeks before the surgery. 

After the surgery, it is advisable to take a week off from work for proper post-care. The instructions for post-care should be followed to avoid any complications and keep the hair in good condition. However, the pre-care and post-care of each patient is different so you should follow your doctor’s instruction for the transplant to be successful.  

Side Effects:

Side effects of the surgery are not common however in rare cases on the surgery site you may feel swelling or pain, numbness, bleeding, or continual thinning even after transplant. Consult your dermatologist if you feel any of these side effects.

Is it Safe for Old People?

If patients that are 50+ of age, suffer from any condition or chronic illness have to discuss it with the doctor as there could be risks with the procedure for them. Other than this, there are only general risks related to the treatment when it comes to transplants for old people. 


Enfield Royal Hair Clinic has skilled and experienced doctors who perform the surgery of Hair Transplant for White Hair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and are capable to deal with delicate cases as well. Modern techniques are used by trained professionals to carry out the procedure.