Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 2021


Over a while, broad range of people are considering Dubai for Hair Transplants. Not only are we, even celebrities preferring this city. The world’s leading surgeons are serving their quality time here but it’s not the only cause for this high demand.

Affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 2021 is the biggest reason people coming to Dubai. This factor increases the price inquires and led us to provide sincere information on costs. Read ahead.

Average Cost Assessment:

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai starts from AED 6,999. For comparison, in the UK or US, it would be £ 1,428 or $ 1905. So the difference is obvious. In dollars, the cost gets much higher, but when it comes to dirham, you will need to pay less. A large difference in exchange rates overwhelmingly affects all hair transplant costs.


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How much does FUT Cost?

Expectedly, we all are familiar with the FUT Hair Transplants. Until now, they have not been replaced, but are less used due to their invasive nature. However, for some serious baldness problems, when more grafts are required, this is still preferable. Basically, it is a strip method that requires experienced surgeons owing to its delicate and complex techniques.

The cost of FUT hair transplants in Dubai ranges from AED 4000 to AED 7000. This is an approximate cost only, you should consult us directly to find out the exact cost in your case.

How much does FUE Cost?

Advancement in FUT resulted in FUE hair transplant which is more successful and gives amazing results. It is currently a popular cosmetic procedure with an 87% success rate. Without cuts, stitches, or scars, it effectively enriches the natural growth of the scalp.

The cost of an FUE hair transplant in Dubai is AED 6,999. Surgeons can best examine the accurate cost after analyzing the condition of the scalp and the hair grafts needed.

Cost Per Graft:

It is very difficult to calculate the total Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 2021, without exploring the price of a single graft. As it’s the biggest standout among all reasons affecting its cost. For FUE, the estimated cost of a transplant is between AED 15 and AED 20. On the other hand, for FUT it will be between AED 10 and AED 12. A hair transplant done with, 3000 grafts is considered amazing. Hence, 4000 and 5000 hair transplants would be one of the great choices that anyone can have.

Factors Determining the Cost of Hair Transplant:

Hair Transplant cost in Dubai 2021 is not fixed. A long list of factors contradicts it. It’s different from person to person, clinic to clinic, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality over price. Plus, whatever the reasons, the cost in Dubai will still be affordable. Let’s take a look at the important aspects that are responsible for rate fluctuations.

  • Hair transplant method (FUE or FUT)
  • The degree of baldness.
  • Required Hair grafts
  • The results claimed
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Reputation and equipment of the clinic


Royal clinic is a top-class medical center that’s well-known for its quality services. We are holding a 100% success rate of Hair transplants no matter whether it’s performed through FUE or FUT. Another plus point is the biggest FINANCIAL OFFERS! Now, you don’t need to pay a large amount in bulk. Installment facilities can be easily availed!  For further inquiries on Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 2021, consult us.