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Suffering from complete loss or gradual hair thinning can leave you devastated. Anyone who experiences this undesired situation is well aware of the terror it may implement on one’s mental health and aesthetics particularly. However, thanks to the advanced and innovative techniques utilized in the cosmetic world, every problem is reversible. This is where Hair Transplant In Abu Dhabi emerges as a hope for many dealing with the complication. So if you’re someone seeking a rewind of your youth as well as wanting to experience the fascinating trends of hairstyles. This is your chance to fulfill all your aesthetic desires. Explore: Hair Transplant Cost In Abu Dhabi, and experience a transformation this season.

What Is A Hair Transplant?

It is a hair relocation procedure that is used to address various follicular problems from genetics, or medical conditions related to hormonal imbalances. All these are treatable conditions with numerous transplantation methods that aid in both permanent and temporary restoration. However, we provide you with suitable and flexible treatment plans depending on your preferences. In the end, rejoice in the regrowth of new roots sprouting with minimal scarring takes place within the treated region.

How Does It Work?

Understanding potential solutions for your transplantation can empower your decision-making. At its core, healthy follicles are extracted and later implanted into the balding area. They are normally drawn out where sustained and active growth occurs. Additionally, the two main techniques FUE and FUT differ on the account that the former is extracting thousands of follicles while the latter involves a small strip extraction and later separating it under a microscope. These procedures are performed in a sterilized area where no contamination can occur.

What To Expect During The Process?

Some specific steps are performed to enhance the success of the procedure. Below is the generalization:

  • After the consultation, the affected area and the condition of the scalp are examined to determine both the recipient and donor areas.
  • On the day of the surgery, after cleansing, local anesthesia is injected directly to numb the area.
  • There are generally 2 procedures for transplantation; FUE: extraction of countless single units and FUT: removing a thin strip of the area with follicles that are later dissected into individual units.
  • Then, these units are placed in a salt solution to preserve them while the recipient area is prepared.
  • Tiny incisions are made to carefully insert each follicle. This step is performed mainly on the receding hairline. 
  • Then, areas with large incisions are sutured close. This usually depends upon the adopted procedure.
  • Post-operative sessions are arranged to remove stitches. You are guided about the aftercare instructions to follow at home. 

Benefits To Look For:

There are several noticeable advantages generated by Hair Transplants In Abu Dhabi. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is a cost-effective procedure that is considered to be a good investment plan for those who are on a budget.
  • Unlike temporary solutions, it offers a lifetime restoration of voluminous hair with easy maintenance. 
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure with least downtime. This means you can resume work within a few days.
  • Candidates talk about impressive outcomes with flawless results. The newly generated hairline appears healthy and natural-looking.
  • The new changes will restore your confidence and boost your self-esteem. You feel comfortable in public without hiding anymore. 
  • Furthermore, the potential risks are minimal. You can effortlessly sustain a dense hairline without any serious complications.
  • Moreover, a restored hairline can give you a youthful appearance. You begin to look younger than your actual age.
  • Lastly, it provides you with a speedy recovery. Hence, you would be able to carry on with your routine tasks and other physical activities without any restrictions shortly.

Expected Cost Of The Treatment:

The cost for FUE starts from AED 6,999 and can go up to AED 16,000. While the price for FUT ranges from AED 5,999 to AED 7,999. However, this is just a general observation and price variations occur depending on the number of grafts, size of the treated area, etc. It is recommended to confirm this variability beforehand to avoid any setbacks later on.

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