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Hair grows. Hair falls. This is a natural process of restoration back and forth. However, sometimes, due to sudden hormonal changes or genetics in particular. You may encounter a serious hair fall. This leads to stress or other traumatizing effects. To target and treat the unwanted changes. We are offering; Hair Restoration In Dubai. Explore; Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow With Our Restoration Treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. And visit us today for a transformation of a lifetime.

What Are The Best Hair Restoration Options Today:

These are a few best options to naturally re-grow your hair;

  • Minoxidil:

This is a topical liquid formula that is designed to massage along the scalp. It is actually among the initial restoration techniques that are implemented to reverse the thinning or sudden hair loss. Furthermore, it will take less than 2 or 3 months to reveal the restoration. However, this is not a permanent solution to the problem. For non-surgical and prolonged results, you may want to opt for;

  • PRP Treatment:

It is a completely safe and secure therapy because we use your own stem cells. What happens is that your own blood is modified as we extract the plasma and re-inject it into your scalp. You may need to opt for multiple sessions. However, the final results will refill your entire hairline in less than a year.

  • Micro Needling:

      The reason why hair begins to vanish is due to decreased blood circulation. To reverse the absence, we will perform this treatment to make micro incisions all over the scalp. It will activate your blood flow and generate new cells to promote healthy growth. It takes mandatory initial sessions to instill long-lasting prosperity into your hairline.

  • Low-Intensity Laser Therapy:

This is a similar approach yet, a different technique to restore collagen cells and blood circulation. The specific heat energy will make an impact inside the dermis which will lead to a temperature change. This action controls the cells and takes care of the restoration process. Hence, with recommended sessions, you will experience hair regrowth on the balding patches across your scalp.

  • Hair Transplants:

There are numerous surgical techniques to reverse the hair recession. We are offering FUE, FUT, DHI, and Robotic Transplant to help you reach your desired aesthetic goals. However, these are time-consuming methods, therefore, you are required to be very patient throughout your progressive journey.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Some procedures are semi-surgical whereas, others are completely non-invasive treatments. Below is a general outline of the steps and stages you ought to know;

  • We need a complete record of your previous medical data. In case of any allergy, be sure to inform us beforehand.
  • For a non-invasive approach, a topical spray is given to you to target the hair thinning. 
  • Similarly, to fully restore your hairline without using surgical options, stem cell therapy is performed to naturally grow the follicles. 
  • However, for the invasive options, we will examine your hairline and discuss the plan of action respectively. 
  • We are offering a wide range of hair transplant procedures. However, the suitable option is determined according to your desired goals and budget.
  • After which, a donor area is selected. This is the region that is drawn under consideration throughout the transplant as we extract the needed hair follicles to re-fill the empty hairline.
  • These treatments require nearly two to three hours to complete the entire treatment. But, it is a one-time procedure only without any serious recovery. 

What Happens After A Healthy Growth Tomorrow?

We gathered some benefits of Hair Restoration In Dubai. Find out about the long-lasting effects of this restoration;

  • You are no longer hiding your head under caps or scarves. You feel free to enjoy the voluminous effects of the restoration without opting for any cover-up accessories.
  • Furthermore, candidates feel happy to be able to shampoo or style their hair without any fear of endless fallout.
  • You will also experience a great improvement in the breakage. This means no more split-ends even with the usage of heat tools.
  • Moreover, this is a completely organic hair growth. Therefore, you can prolong prosperity with continuous care and careful measures.  
  • With great changes taking place, you will feel confident about yourself. No more stressing or overthinking is going to trigger your self-esteem.

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