There was a time when people with thin hair and baldness were not able to overcome hair related issues. They were always on point of people’s lame jokes. This created extreme panic and added to reduce their self-respect. Today, people are more conscious about their looks. They don’t want anyone to make fun of them. Some of the non-surgical techniques have been arrived to help people in treating baldness and hair loss. Hair replacement techniques are highly adopted by suffers as they don’t want to feel any pain or scar. People who want to restore hair in a very short time should go for these non-surgical hair replacement procedures in Dubai. Enfield Royal clinic is eminently vulnerable in the quality and drafting of hair replacement units.


Whether you are a man or woman, black or white, your real happiness lies in the beauty of hair. People, who are solution-oriented and want to get back their lost confidence due to the lack of hairs on the head must go for hair replacement procedures. These non-surgical hair replacement procedures in Dubai are becoming solutions for changing the physical appearance by grooming scalp with satisfying results.


  • Immediate results with a full head of hair
  • Groomed personality
  • Walkout within 2 hours after hair replacement
  • No scar, no side effects


  • Custom hair units can be wear throughout life
  • Freedom of changing hair texture whenever you want
  • A painless and scarless procedure with cheap cost
  • Permanent relief from baldness
  • A non-invasive technique that doesn’t demand grafting or incisions


Hair loss problems are greatly depressing men and women that are arising due to different causes. ENFIELD ROYAL CLINIC is aiming to provide the most advanced, specialized non-surgical hair replacement procedures in Dubai for restoring natural hair appearance. In many cases, hair loss, thinning and baldness can be distressing experience and surgery may not be a viable option due to its cost-effectiveness. Our modern solutions can help you by bringing back a healthy living life.


Non-surgical hair techniques are bringing back thick and bouncy hair for people who don’t want to undergo surgeries. Following options can be adopted if you want to lead a happy life with positive expectations:

  • Hair Piece:

According to color, texture, density and hair type (curly/straight) hairpieces are designed. These artificial hairs are being prepared to match the natural hair quality of the sufferer. Primarily used materials for hairpieces are human hair, animal hair, and artificial fibers. Along with providing a natural look, this non-surgical technique has some other benefits too. Including:

  • Less expensive than hair transplant
  • Long-lasting results
  • Easy to fix
  • Hair Extension:

Women who want to have long hair can go for this option. Hair extensions are playing a significant role in lengthening and thickening of hair density. Hair extensions demand the same care as natural hair does. One can easily dry, comb and style hair after having extension replacement. The sufferer can select extensions of his own favorite color and type.

  • Wig:

Human hair and synthetic hair wigs are being used for people with hair loss problems. These artificial hairs are easy to wear and can be styled in many different ways. The wigs are created in a way that they look like natural hair. A person going for a human hair wig or synthetic one is unable to differentiate natural hair from artificial ones.

  • Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP):

This commonly used non-surgical technique is also known as a medical hairline tattoo. The technique works by inserting natural tiny pigments on the epidermal tissues of skin for replication of natural hair follicles stimulating front, side, and hairline. The primary purpose is to groom the scalp of both men and women. SMP can be considered for people undergoing:

  • Crown balding
  • Hairline receding
  • Full hair loss
  • Diffuse hair loss
  • Alopecia


If you want to get more information about risk-free procedures, contact us by filling the consultation form today! Enfield Royal clinic in Dubai is giving comprehensive non-surgical hair replacement procedures to overcome hair related issues.