Hair Plugs Vs FUE in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Hair Fall is a common concern among millions of people worldwide. However, there are a few non-invasive treatments that can restore the growth and add volume to the density. On the other hand, the invasive techniques are especially for those struggling with hair loss in a certain pattern or patches forming all over the head. If you are also concerned about your receding hairline, explore the detailed insight into Hair Plugs Vs FUE in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Find out how Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is working to upgrade your aesthetic appearance. Or visit us today for a detailed analysis of your ongoing problem to provide you with the best suitable solution. The collaboration between our professional Transplant Surgeons and the state-of-the-art technology will grant you a transformation of a lifetime.

What Are Hair Plugs?

We generally refer to it as hair grafts. It is one of the earliest techniques to restore hairline. The method revolves around extracting small sections of follicles along with roots and re-inserting them into the balding patches. A special tool known as the Choi-Implanter pen is used to punch a required number of grafts in the scalp. The depth of the insertion can be as deep as 4 mm and plant anywhere up to 30 follicles into the scalp. However, in the presence of advanced and innovative procedures, this method seems rather unnatural today.

How Does FUE Work?

Follicular Unit Extraction is known as FUE. It is one of the latest techniques to completely restore hairline with accelerated results and the most flawless-looking natural outcomes. The procedure revolves around plucking out several separate follicles. Each one is carefully extracted according to the size, angle, and density to re-plant into the newly selected region for a smoother appearance. It is a rather time-consuming procedure as compared to FUE hair transplant plugs. 

Which Is A Suitable Option For You?

You are advised to opt for an initial consultation beforehand. A board-certified Hair Transplant Surgeon will examine your hairline. We will also conduct a few blood tests and scroll through your medical history report to determine your genetics and family history before signing you up for the most suitable procedure. 

What Is The Basic Procedure Of These Transplanting Techniques?

Both treatments require a specified donor area for the transplantation. We generally select the back of the head area for extraction of the required quality of follicles. Below is general information about the steps and stages taken under consideration during the entire restoration process;

  • It is a semi-surgical process, however, it is mandatory to keep the patient awake throughout the session. 
  • We will inject the required dose of local anesthesia into the operative regions of the head. The step is repeated multiple times in intervals to provide you with comfort and ease.
  • Each graft or follicle is carefully extracted and placed into a special tray for the restoration method. 
  • The whole duration of the treatment may last for 3 hours or more. This time factor is going to differ from one candidate to another, depending on their desired goals and required needs. 
  • Ultimately, you will be sent home with a few aftercare guidelines to heal smoothly. Meanwhile, a few follow-up appointments are also aligned for you to allow us to monitor your progress.

Are There Any Side Effects?

  • There are no particular side effects in the long or short run – rather temporary reactions to the implemented changes. 
  • Due to ongoing extraction and re-insertion, the targeted regions on your scalp will feel sore or crusty. 
  • You will witness swelling and redness on the head. However, this shall tame after some while.
  • You are advised to take your painkillers on time and follow the homecare guidance to prevent any potential infection. 
  • In case, you feel a tightening sensation or bleeding on the treated sites, be sure to reach out for medical assistance immediately.

How Is The Recovery Process Coming Along?

This is an outpatient treatment, therefore, you can safely return home the same day. The wounds will heal within a few weeks after stitches removal. You will witness a gradual fill-up of your hairline in less than a year, without any scar formation to worry about. 

What Are The Ideal Benefits For Me?

You will witness a flawless finishing touch to your entire hairline. All the balding patches will be filled. This will fulfill your aesthetic requirements. You will feel confident about your appearance and experience improved self-esteem with a positive attitude reflecting on your overall mood.

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