Gullwing Lip Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Deals

Fuller and lively lips are a symbol of beauty and an obvious sign of youth and attractiveness. Having beautiful lips is one of the most important elements of facial beauty; they are essential in terms of bringing harmony to the face. The size and thickness of lips should be in symmetry and proportion with the other elements of the face, namely the nose, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, chin, and teeth. Gullwing Lip Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is preferred by those whose lips are structurally thin.

What is a Lip Lift?

It is a treatment that extends or reduces the upper lip and gives people the shape of the lip desired by people. The length and size of the upper lip distort the patient’s facial proportions. In lip lift surgery, the area between the upper lip of the upper lip and the columella base is evaluated. The ideal distance between the upper lip and nose is around 12 to 15 millimeters. The surgery can be planned if the length in this part is above what it should be and causes discomfort to the person.

Who is the Suitable Candidate?

The best candidate for the treatment is someone fulfilling the following conditions:

  • People in old age experience sagging in the skin around the nose and lips.
  • Some clients may have an upper lip naturally longer than usual.

Many patients who are interested in lip lift or upper lip shortening are usually unaware of their condition, so they have lip augmentation but are still not satisfied with the result. Because with lip augmentation, the lips become longer. It takes on a disturbing look.

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What is Gullwing Lip Lift?

A little skin is removed by cutting in the shape of a bull horn in accordance with the folds from the lower edge of the nose, the skin is sutured, and the lip is hung upwards. A thin incision scar remains under the nose. Gullwing Lip Lift in Dubai is also used to shorten the distance in patients with upper lip skin. Thus, the upper teeth are visible, and the results are permanent.


The treatment has the following advantages:

Satisfactory Results: It is a profitable operation that will give the most satisfactory results with adequate planning.

Safe Procedure: The treatment has no drawbacks or side effects if you follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Reshaped Lips: The client gets their desired lip shape with a better shape for the upper lip.

Hidden Scars: The scars can be hidden under the base of the nose, and even those are vaguely visible after 3 to 6 months.

Painless: Local anesthesia is used in the procedure, which makes the treatment entirely effortless.

Is the Surgery Permanent?

Like all surgical procedures, it is also permanent. However, over time, there may be some changes depending on the aging rate of the people. It would be beneficial for those who had lip shortening surgery, such as aesthetic eyelid surgery, especially before the age of 35, to know that they may need a similar operation again later in their lives.

How Much Does It Cost?

Lip Lift Surgery prices are a situation where you can get different prices due to the doctor’s experience who will perform your surgery, local anesthesia, or because it will be performed in a hospital environment. Still, it is a situation that should be decided beforehand whether you are suitable or not. The Gullwing Lip Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 8999 to AED 19999.


The treatment will result in a significant improvement in the upper lip and make it appear prettier. The results will be permanent as they are for every surgical procedure. The side effects and drawbacks would be minimal. Get the treatment done with our experts and achieve the desired harmony in facial features.