Guide Gastric Balloon and the Key Benefits of Bariatric Surgery ERC

A gastric balloon can be inserted quickly, without surgery, and with some degree of success. However, they are transient, and success requires a change in lifestyle, knowledge, and support. An inflatable silicone balloon called a gastric balloon is placed in your stomach. It functions by causing you to feel satisfied earlier so that you eat less. For those looking to lose weight, bariatric surgery has the power to alter their lives. But did you Guide Gastric Balloon and the Key Benefits of Bariatric in Dubai?

How Do Gastric Balloons Work?

A temporary, non-surgical weight loss method is the gastric balloon. The procedure involves inserting one or more balloon-like devices into your stomach for six to twelve months.

Gastric Balloon Aids in Weight Loss by:

  • Limiting the amount of food that can fit in your stomach
  • Prolonging your feeling of fullness by reducing the speed at which food and liquids travel through your stomach.
  • You create healthy eating habits while the gastric balloon is in place. Smaller meal sizes are one of these routines that can help you maintain your weight loss once the balloon is deflated.

Are Gastric Balloons Appropriate for me?

If you have morbid obesity and a BMI over 40, surgery could be able to help you lose weight permanently. If you have a BMI of 35 or above (severe obesity) and additional health issues including Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, breathing issues, or heart disease, surgery may also be able to help.

The maximum time a gastric balloon can be left in place is nine months. To prepare for weight loss surgery or an operation, you have been turned down until you drop enough weight to lower the risk of serious consequences, a gastric balloon can be used to assist you to lose weight.

Procedure for Gastric Balloon Implantation and Dietary Modifications:

There are two ways to put a gastric balloon in. Either you take a tablet or a long, thin tube is inserted into your throat.

  • We administer medication to you before any surgery to ensure your comfort and relaxation.
  • We fill the balloon with gas or saline solution after it is in position.
  • Your stomach holds the balloon for six months. Making a habit of eating quick, wholesome meals is simpler now.

The Surgery to Remove a Gastric Balloon:

As soon as it’s time to take the balloon down:

  • You are given medication to aid in your comfort and relaxation.
  • We insert a little catheter down your neck to deflate the balloon by taking the saline solution or gas out of it.
  • We can remove the balloon from your stomach with the aid of a grabbing device at the tube’s tip.

Principal Advantages of Weight Loss Surgery:

Beyond helping people lose weight, Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has other advantages:

Long-term Type 2 Diabetes Remission:

According to one study, type 2 diabetes can go into long-term remission after bariatric surgery. According to the study’s findings, the technique is very successful in treating type 2 diabetes and obesity, enabling almost all patients to avoid using insulin and other related medications for at least three years following surgery.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Must be Treated:

Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight range frequently enables persons with sleep apnea to discontinue using a CPAP machine at night. One year following surgery, 80 to 85% of patients report that their sleep apnea has resolved.

Relief from Joint Pain:

Your weight-bearing joints experience a great deal of stress when you carry around excess weight, which frequently results in chronic pain and joint deterioration. Following bariatric surgery, large and sustained weight loss lessens the strain on joints, frequently enabling people to cease taking painkillers and enjoy significantly greater mobility.

Boost Fertility:

In the years before having children, weight loss surgery can also increase fertility. According to one study, bariatric surgery may reduce the chance of miscarriage and help women who don’t ovulate have better menstrual cycles.

Relieve Several Medical Ailments:

Weight loss surgery can be beneficial for many conditions, including metabolic syndrome, problems during pregnancy, gallbladder disease, and others.


We comprehend how important a decision it is to go with cosmetic surgery. Even though the gastric balloon is widely acknowledged as the greatest non-invasive weight loss technique, some people are still unsure of its price. Its prices are in high demand. In this blog, we’ve included all the vital details of Guide Gastric Balloon and the Key Benefits of Bariatric in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. With the assistance of the most qualified and skilled bariatric surgeons in the globe, Enfield Royal WeightLoss Clinic in Dubai is providing the best Gastric Balloon therapy available. With the aid of nonsurgical methods, we guarantee you will receive treatment that will help you fight your weight and achieve an attractive physique.