Groin Whitening Treatment Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Price

Age spots are an active response of human skin to alterations brought on by aging, stressful environments, and cosmetic treatments. Because of how effectively they can be removed with the use of contemporary laser technology, intimate region whitening has grown to be a pretty common cosmetic operation in recent years. Many individuals are concerned about the hyperpigmentation issue, which is not just on the face. It is possible to see age spots or skin discoloration developing on the body, particularly in private places. The issue of pigmentation creation in the labia majora, anus, the pubis, as well as on the inner thighs is rather prevalent. The issue of pigmentation causes some difficulty in sexual activity; many women are ashamed to take a sunbath when they have pigmentation on their hips. The specialists use Q-Switched QX Max laser to provide laser skin whitening operations to address this issue. Groin Whitening Treatment Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah help you to get your desired look.

Why do Skin Change its Color?

Three categories can be used to separate the primary causes of melanin buildup and potential intimate whitening:

  • Genetic
  • Hormonal
  • Household.

In the first instance, the change in skin tone is a natural occurrence, and the only way to reverse it is by employing laser technology to whiten the perineum. Skin tone changes can also be brought on by liver or thyroid diseases, being overweight, or other conditions. In some situations, hormonal changes connected to specific times in a woman’s life cause age spots to emerge. Most frequently, a deviation from uniform pigmentation is seen during pregnancy and right after delivery.

Cosmetics (deodorants, powders, and depilatory creams), the chemical makeup of the washing cloth, and other factors may influence the change in skin tone, necessitating the need for anus whitening.

How Is Whitening Performed?

  • The key steps of the procedure are as follows:
  • Putting an anesthetic cream on the area to be treated;
  • Treating aging spots with a laser beam; and
  • Applying a skin-repairing agent (if necessary).

While there is room between the manipulator head and the skin, the labia as well as other areas of the intimate region are whitened (lightened) using a focused, directed, and small-diameter beam. The pigmented cells are destroyed layer by layer by a pulsed carbon dioxide laser, and the nearby cells are shielded from heating by the brief exposure time. Activating metabolism and skin renewal, the laser also has a rejuvenating impact on cells.


Groin Whitening Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi can help people get their desired look and they feel confident in their own bodies.

The laser beam has three effects:

  • It polishes the skin, eliminates pigmentation, rejuvenates it, and gives it tone.
  • Health-wise, the surgery is safe. Inflammation and irritation risks are significantly reduced.
  • The patient is safe when using laser whitening.
  • High performance. Clarification has a notable effect that can be seen as early as the first visit and lasts for a very long time.
  • The labia skin is leveled and tightened as a result of the laser’s stimulation of collagen production, and flabbiness is eliminated.

Is it a Painless Procedure?

In order to prevent the patient from feeling uncomfortable or painful sensations during the process, the doctor applies an anesthetic cream to the areas that will receive laser treatment. Additionally, the pain is reduced when some lasers are used since cold air is blown evenly across the area.

Is Laser Safe for Whitening Procedure?

Laser radiation’s “load” is gentler than the potent ingredients in many whitening solutions. There is essentially no chance of irritation, burns, or other problems. Of course, a skilled specialist should do intimate whitening in a salon or clinic.

Why Choose Us?

The quality of sex is improved by laser intimate rejuvenation, which restores skin sensitivity. Many patients were able to regain their confidence as well as a “second wind” in their romantic relationships as a result of this.

At Enfield Royal Laser Skin Clinic, a skilled specialist who chooses a personalized approach for each patient does intimate area whitening. We promise low costs, high-quality services, and secrecy. Visit our website now to learn more about Groin Whitening Treatment Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.