Glutathione Versus Glutamine in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

It is amazing how the human body works. There are large organs performing bigger tasks. And then, there are little organs, performing the smaller tasks. But together each and every active organ is serving quality of life. They are working day and night to keep us healthy. Our immune system is one of the most fundamental systems of our bodies. This is where the food is going. It is the provider and source of energy for us. One that has many tasks to perform in a day. And there are appointed anti-oxidants and proteins that live inside the immune system. They are the ones who look after our health. Have you heard about Glutathione and Glutamine? Even the pronunciation of Glutathione and Glutamine sound so similar. But technically, the two are so very different from each other. One is an amino acid whereas, the other happens to be one of the most powerful anti-oxidant. Read on to learn more about Glutathione Versus Glutamine in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Are The Similarities Between Glutathione And Glutamine?

  • Glutathione and Glutamine are both naturally found inside the body. The good news is, the two can be naturally found in your daily meals as well. 
  • Another similarity between Gluthatione and Glutamine is that your body can produce them too. In case of a deficiency, you can get a booster jab. Or you can also consume them as an additional supplement.
  • However, both Glutathione and Glutamine require a medical expert’s expertise. Only a medical health provider can prescribe to you the amount of daily consumption for the safety of your health. 
  • Both Glutathione and Glutamine are essential for the body to function properly. They help to protect your immune system. And make sure no harm is caused inside your body.

What Are The Differences Between Glutathione Versus Glutamine?

Below is detailed information to help you learn the difference between Glutathione Versus Glutamine in Dubai.

  • Glutathione is a natural occurrence in the body. It is built inside the internal system to work as an antivirus program. Whereas, Glutamine is a building block of protein. It works as a processor. It is the provider of energy to your body.
  • Glutathione keeps the immune system clean. It is very active in the detoxification of the body. Whenever a harmful toxin is found to be causing a problem. It is instantly blocked. And flushed out of the body. Whereas, Glutamine maintains a balance in the immune system. And helps to repair the damage that is caused inside the immune system.
  • Glutathione can be injected inside the body to gain multiple advantages. It is also used for cosmetic purposes. You can improve the appearance of our skin. Or get booster jabs to instill energy in your body. Whereas, Glutamine is only used for medical purposes. It can only be provided to you by a healthcare provider. He/She will insert it directly into your veins. This will boost your immune system.
  • You can naturally maintain your Glutathione level by consuming a vegan diet like fruits and vegetables only. Whereas, in order to maintain your Glutamine level, you will have to consume non-vegan diets like; beef and other dairy products.

What Are The Benefits Of Glutathione And Glutamine?

  • Glutathione kills the toxins found and produced inside the body. It has the capacity to fight off inflammation and other skin conditions. Glutathione can improve and slow down aging signs. It can also prevent future damage to the skin caused by sun exposure. Glutathione is also effective in balancing the PH levels of the skin. And balances the tones of your skin complexion. It supports the immune system. And provides energy inside the body. With Glutathione working actively inside the body, you will not feel tired or exhausted.
  • Glutamine helps with tummy bloating. And helps to support the digestive system to perform normally. It is fuel to the body, which keeps you going. It makes sure to supply and distribute equal energy throughout the body. Furthermore, it also supports the integrity of the intestinal lining. Meaning your food is easily digested. Also, it will fight off leaky guts to maintain a healthy digestive system. 

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