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For centuries, people have been looking for a fountain of youth that will preserve their beauty and make them shine forever. But little did they know, the source of youth and beauty was inside them. Glutathione is an antioxidant naturally found in our bodies. It is compose of everything we need to look and feel young. To produce it in huge volumes, we have to do a lot. Also aging can reduce the amounts of glutathione produced by our bodies, but don’t worry, our Glutathione IV Drip In Dubai & Abu Dhabi can help you solve all of these problems.

What Is Glutathione IV Drip? 

It is an antioxidant that is very similar to vitamin C. It is often mixed in high doses and then given intravenously. These drips are a sort of breakthrough in the world of dermatology. The reason these IV drips work is that they directly travel into the veins, infuse with the bloodstream, and renew the cells. Despite having several other functions in our bodies, glutathione is often market as a skin-lightening agent. It also helps with anti-aging remedies, liver detoxification, and overall skin improvement.

Is It Better?

Glutathione has undeniable benefits for our bodies, but the only problem is that it is not easily absorb by our bodies. Glutathione has been taken orally but enzymes in the stomach immediately begin to break down the bonds that hold the three amino acids together. And without this connection, glutathione is not absorb by our body, and all its benefits are lost.

However, when glutathione is given intravenously using a drip fluid, it goes directly into the bloodstream. This means you don’t have to worry about whether these antioxidants are absorb or not. Because the hard work for absorption has already been done.


It immediately delivers nutrients to the bloodstream, rehydrates the body, reduces breakouts, smooths away wrinkles, and fades spots related to age and sun damage. It also provides a clearer and brighter complexion.

Gluta IV Drip Abu Dhabi  Gluta IV Drip Clinic in Abu Dhabi  Gluta IV Drip Clinic in Dubai

Gluta IV Drip Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Gluta IV Drip Dubai  Gluta IV Drip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

Gluta Drip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is best for you if you are looking for:

  • A brighter complexion,
  • Slow down the aging process,
  • Want to improve body performance,
  • Detoxify the liver or fight chronic illness.


This therapy has many advantages as it is multitasking. Go through and discover the benefits that await you,

  • It will enhance your body’s performance for a fatigue-free day, promoting happiness and inner energy through balanced hormones and reduced inflammatory cells.
  • Alleviate muscle soreness and swelling, ensuring a relaxed, peaceful night’s sleep, particularly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.
  • You will experience empowered feelings from muscle strengthening and enhanced stamina, while also satisfying sweet cravings and regulating insulin production.
  • The rapid dissolution into the bloodstream helps in hydration and eliminates inflammatory pollutants, boosting immunity and virus resistance.
  • It will manage hormone imbalances for improved hair, nails, and skin, leading to stress-free harmony with your mind within an hour.
  • Witness overall health improvement, contributing to environmental prosperity.
  • You will attain radiant skin with diminished scars and signs of aging, eradicating concerns about premature or mature aging for Dermatologists.
  • This FDA-approved therapy has no downtime or side effects, ensuring a safe and effective treatment experience.


More than one session may be require to see noticeable results. A general summary of the process is provided below,

  • You must first and foremost have a thorough evaluation of your current state of health. We will assess you with a few required tests to determine your eligibility for this treatment.
  • One of our nurses will clean your arm’s skin before continuing.
  • To numb the area, a layer of anesthetic gel or spray is apply on top. The insertion and withdrawal of the needle won’t hurt because of this.
  • A cannula is place. We carefully infuse the required dose and vital nutrients into your IV drip.
  • During your one-hour session, you may also care to use your phone or take a nap to help you feel refreshed.
  • Before the treatment, there are no dietary limitations. 
  • In the end, all of the installations are eventually remove from your arm. To stop any bacterial infection on the insertion site, a band-aid is place on top.
  • Before being discharge home, you are given some homecare guidance to help you prevent any potential problems.

How Much Does It Cost? 

The actual cost can only be determine by the doctor after the initial consultation because it is impact by several factors. However, a general estimated cost of these IV drips can range between AED 799 to AED 1,700

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