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Pigments may hide under makeup but they do not go away eventually which is why they are something that is needed to be treated on time to have natural-looking skin or your back before it gets too late. Multiple different reasons can let you experience this pain of hyperpigmentation that are needed to be avoided such as overexposure to heat and sun or hygienic skin conditions. But if you are one of those who are suffering from sich dark patches over the skin then Get the Best Acne Treatment for Hyperpigmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with us at Enfield Royal Clinic and get back to normal with more elastic, revitalized, and rejuvenated skin.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

The answer to the question of what exactly hyperpigmentation is and how does it looks like is, it’s any area of skin that appears darker than your natural skin tone because of extra production of the brown pigment melanin. Sunspots, liver spots, and age spots are all examples of hyperpigmentation. It can be because of many reasons such as:

  • In turn, inflammation can activate cells that produce pigment, leaving a dark area to remain even after the damage has healed.
  • Hyperpigmentation can develop when there is a lot of or repeated exposure to the sun.
  • Brown patches that frequently appear in women with variable hormone levels, such as during pregnancy, are the hallmark of melasma. Although it can happen in men as well, this kind of hyperpigmentation most frequently affects females.
  • Addison’s disease, an adrenal cortex illness that can enhance melanin production, can result in hyperpigmentation.

Best Available Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

A number of treatments are available with the help of medical sciences that treat the issue of potential pigmentation or severe hyperpigmentation. The best ones are:

  • Laser Treatment:

The pigmented parts of the skin are affected by laser peels using laser lights. The dead cells are destroyed by the laser wavelengths, which also lessen hyperpigmentation. A rapid and efficient method of treating hyperpigmentation is using laser peels. Very little downtime and few negative effects are associated with them. Your dermatologist will determine the number of laser treatments you need based on the degree of your hyperpigmentation.

  • Chemical Peel:

In order to get the greatest results, greater concentrations of acids are employed in chemical peels, which aid in removing the damaged skin layer. This procedure aids in removing spots brought on by melasma, sunshine, or age.

  • Microdermabrasion:

A minimally invasive method of treating hyperpigmentation is microdermabrasion. Using a specialized tool, it removes the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. Healthy skin, therefore, emerges from underneath. Despite the fact that this treatment produces good results, it typically takes more than one session to achieve the desired effects.


The following are some advantages of receiving the Best Acne Treatment for hyperpigmentation treatment in Dubai:

  • They reinforce the collagen linkages and operate on the skin’s deeper layers of collagen, giving the skin a youthful, supple appearance.
  • They lessen the skin’s vulnerability to UV damage and guard against potentially cancer-causing impacts of heat and sunlight.
  • They produce skin free of blemishes.
  • They increase the patient’s sense of self-worth while they are receiving therapy, increasing his chances of having a higher quality of life.
  • They assist in the healing of scars left over from accidents or other wounds.


The cost is a varying factor that is concluded of multiple different factors that become the reason behind the fluctuation of treatment cost from area to area and from clinic to clinic. The cost is also dependent on which treatment is chosen out of all the above-mentioned treatments which are determined by consulting the specialists prior to getting the treatment done. 

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