General Breast Health for Men in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Breast health is commonly associated with women. However, men should give their breast health the same priority. Many men get gynecomastia, particularly those in Dubai. This condition is characterized by the development of masculine breast tissue. We’ll go into the subject of General Breast Health for Men in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah in this blog. We will focus on gynecomastia in Dubai and an examination of its causes, signs, and remedies.

What are Enlarged Men’s Boobs? 

Gynecomastia, commonly referred to as enlarged male boobs, is a frequent disorder marked by the development of masculine breast tissue. It can affect one or both breasts and can occur at any age. Hormonal imbalances, obesity, particular drugs, and underlying medical disorders are some of the causes of this illness.

Imbalance in the Hormones: 

Enlargement could be caused by an estrogen and testosterone hormonal imbalance. This imbalance may be brought on by a number of factors, such as puberty, ageing, certain illnesses, drug or medicine use, or drug addiction.


An increase in estrogen levels brought on by excess body fat can make gynecomastia worse.


It is a side effect of some medications, including some antipsychotics, anti-anxiety medications, and steroids. Other medications that can cause it include certain antibiotics, heart medications, and chemotherapy drugs. It is important to note that stopping or changing medication should only be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional. 


The appearance of firm, rubbery tissue beneath the nipple region is the main sign of gynecomastia. In some situations, this tissue may be sensitive or unpleasant. It’s important to distinguish between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia, which is brought on by too much fat without an expansion of the glandular tissues. Symptoms can also include nipple discharge, tenderness, and swelling. It is crucial to consult a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment options. 

Breast Health Awareness in Dubai:

A variety of healthcare treatments are available in the dynamic and multicultural city of Dubai, including Gynecomastia in Dubai treatment options and health assessments. To remember, have the following in mind:

Regular Self-Examination: 

Men should likewise be conscious of changes in their tissues, just as women are advised to conduct self-examinations. Consult a medical expert if you discover any strange tumours or changes.

Consult a Professional:

If you suspect gynecomastia or are worried about the health of your breasts, consult a professional in Dubai who can make an accurate diagnosis and suggest a course of action.

Options for Treatment:

It is curable, which is excellent news. Treatment choices could be:

Lifestyle Modifications: 

Losing weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise can assist in slowing the growth of tissue when obesity is a significant factor. In some circumstances, changing one’s lifestyle alone might significantly lessen the appearance of excess tissues. Surgery, however, can be required if the problem worsens or causes a lot of difficulty. 


Hormone imbalances may occasionally be treated with medication. These drugs can lessen the amount of tissue in males and balance hormone levels. The best drug and dose should be chosen for each specific instance; thus, it’s crucial to speak with a medical expert. Management strategies may include both medication and lifestyle changes in extreme situations. 


Excess breast tissue can be effectively removed by surgical techniques. This may include liposuction or reduction surgery. These surgical procedures are typically recommended when medication and lifestyle changes have not been successful in reducing tissue. The procedure includes the following steps:

1. Pre-Operative Consultation:

The surgeon will review your medical history. He will conduct a physical exam. He will also go over the intended results of the procedure.

2. Anesthesia Administration:

To ensure a pain-free procedure, you will get general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. Your surgeon may combine it with sedation and then administer you.

3. Incision Placement:

To minimize obvious scarring, the surgeon will make small incisions in hidden places. He will choose such places as the areola or under the arm.

4. Tissue Removal:

The surgeon will then cut away some excess tissue. He will remove excess fat, glandular tissue, or skin. He will do this in order to shape and size the treated region as desired. This procedure aids in giving the patient a more proportional and aesthetically acceptable result. 

5. Close the Incisions.

The surgeon will carefully close the incisions. He will do this after removing the required tissues. This is to ensure good healing and reduce scarring. He will use sutures or adhesive strips. He will preserve the integrity of the surrounding tissues while getting the best results possible with the help of this precise closure procedure. 


Men should also be concerned about their general health. General Breast Health for Men in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is also very important. Despite being prevalent, gynecomastia can significantly affect a man’s quality of life and sense of self-worth. Healthcare professionals in Dubai are prepared to identify it and offer treatment choices. Men can regain the self-assurance and comfort they deserve by treating this illness, whether through dietary adjustments, prescription drugs, or surgical procedures. Men should perform routine self-exams and meet with specialists in Dubai to preserve their health. 

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