Gastric Balloon Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Here’s what you need to know about Gastric Balloon Prices.

Diet restriction with a gastric balloon is well known; especially in obesity. The gastric balloon is an alternative to bariatric surgery, leaving many patients wondering how much it will cost. Informing people about Gastric Balloon Price/Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is just as important as explaining complications in advance. In all respects, decisions must be informed, and, focusing on this reason, we are writing this blog so that you can get everything important related to prices and have no doubts.

A Little about Gastric Balloon:

Gastric balloon placement is a well-known weight loss procedure involving the oral insertion of a balloon into the stomach through the esophagus. This limits the amount of food you eat and helps you feel full faster. This general process only takes a few minutes and requires no incisions.

The balloon placed into the stomach floats freely and does not cause complications. It only makes you feel full quickly, so fewer calories are consumed, resulting in dramatic weight loss. Within a couple of weeks, you will notice a visible difference not only in appearance but also in a significant health improvement.


Best Clinic of Gastric Balloon Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi     Best Gastric Balloon Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Gastric Balloon Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Gastric Balloon Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Best Gastric Balloon Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi

How much is the Cost?

Average Gastric Balloon Placement cost in Dubai ranges between AED 15,000 and AED 22,000.

Without considering the condition of the body and the type of results you’re looking for, it’s hard, to sum up, the cost. Prices fluctuate a lot for reasons, including the skill of the surgeon performing your procedure. The highly skilled and experienced tend to charge higher prices than others. Ongoing complications that an untrained surgeon may experience can result in a high cost for subsequent sessions you attend.

How can you get a Cheaper Gastric Balloon?

Since gastric balloon procedures are in high demand, clinics are happy to help patients arrange payment to make prices more affordable. As one of the best weight loss clinics in Dubai, Enfield Weight Loss Clinic offers several options to make payment easier.

  • Installment plan
  • Special discounts
  • Occasional offers

Will insurance Pay?

As long as obesity is not affecting your health condition, the prices of the gastric balloon will not be covered by insurance companies. Cosmetic concerns are considered unnecessary by the standards of most insurance companies. Depending on the details of your concern and privacy plan, you may be covered by private health insurance.

Important Things to Know About:

  • Cost should not be the deciding factor.
  • Never work with an untrained one.
  • Moreover, Always look for the reputation of the clinic and its facilities.
  • Prefer to estimate the correct price after consultation.


Finally, We understand that deciding to go forward with cosmetic treatment is a huge decision. Even though the gastric balloon is recognized worldwide as the best non-invasive procedure for weight loss, nevertheless, its cost is still unknown to some. Demands for its prices are high. We have provided all the important information about Gastric Balloon Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah in this blog. However, we are not suggesting that you consider this price range completely definitive without hearing a bit from us. Prices do fluctuate depending on your unique condition and the services you want to take advantage of.

Come to us for a consultation, and then decide how much you are going to spend on this procedure.