Full Body Skin Lightening Surgery Cost

From bleaching to laser there are different ways to lighten our skin. It has become unchallenging for us to restore the lost skin-tone because there are many skin Whitening treatment options available for us. All these treatments stimulate collagen production and reduce the melanin concentration beneath the skin.

Melanin is a term for a group of natural pigments that are present in the skin. It is chiefly responsible for giving the skin, its color and protection from sun damage. Skin lightening is also referred to as skin bleaching. It is the cosmetic procedure that attempts to lighten the dark areas of skin by reducing the increased melanin concentration. People usually get a paler skin tone after undergoing this treatment. It also improves the appearance of birthmarks, dark patches, freckles, and blemishes.

Four most common techniques for full-body skin lightening are;

  1. Bleaching creams
  2. Laser therapy
  3. Chemical peels
  4. Lightening injections

Result of Full Body Skin Lightening Surgery:

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Best Full Body Skin Lightening Surgery Cost in Dubai   Full Body Skin Lightening Surgery Cost Dubai  Full Body Skin Lightening Surgery Cost in Dubai

Skin Bleaching Products:

You can opt for skin lightening products to lighten your skin. Many skin lightening products are available in the market. Most of them contain Hydroquinone, Alpha-hydroxy acids, Glutathione. When the cream is applied, the number of melanocytes in the skin decreases. Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin. As a result, concentration of melanin also decreases. Consult your dermatologist first, before using any of them. He will suggest you which one is ideal for you.

Laser Skin Lightening:

Another type of skin lightening treatment performed by a dermatologist. Laser can be used to lighten the skin and to achieve the beauty goals. The treatment works either by removing the damaged skin outer layer or by decreasing the melanin concentration beneath the skin. It can be performed on all the areas of the body and results in providing a healthier and brighter skin. It works by exposing the skin to a concentrated beam of laser light.

This lightening treatment carries out two main functions. First, removes facial fine lines, scars, and wrinkles and second, increases collagen production and decreases melanin concentration in the deeper layers of skin.

Chemical Peels:

To improve the appearance of the skin a chemical solution is applied. This solution is usually acidic in nature. It provokes the skin to exfoliate. This is how damaged outer layer of skin is eliminated in chemical peels. The peel strength differs depending upon the strength of the acid. trichloroacetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid are the most commonly used acids for the renewal of the skin. Smooth and wrinkle-free skin is obtained. It is the best option available to lighten the dark-colored skin. It will temporarily or permanently change the skin tone or may become more reactive to cold sores.

Lightening Injections:

A wide variety of skin lightening injections are here to fulfill the demand of dark-toned people. This lightening treatment involves the use of glutathione which acts as a lightening agent. It works by stopping the production of the enzyme which is responsible for producing melanin in the body. These injections also contain Vitamin C that fades down the scars, fights with the free radicals, provides an even skin tone and detoxifies the body. Usually, 3 to 4 sessions are required to get the desired results but also they can vary because every individual has a unique metabolic response.

Cost of the Full-body Lightening Treatment:

The average Cost of skin whitening treatment in Dubai is between 70 AED – 150 AED for chemical peels, 200 AED – 1500 AED for laser treatment and 300 AED – 2000 AED for injections. Similarly, the cost of fairness products can range between 10 AED – 109 AED. But it is just an average cost usually it varies depending upon three things

  1. size of the treatment area
  2. the extent of lightning
  3. the technique which we will use

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