From Roots To Tips Defeating Hair Loss And Nail Woes in Dubai Cost

Shiny luscious locks and healthy-looking nails are often considered signs of good health. They say that when your body is nourished from the inside, it will show signs of beauty externally. In this fast-paced world, we often don’t get enough time to ponder upon what to feed our body to help it function naturally. Not to mention the usage of various toxic chemicalized products that often lead to external damage in the long run. Therefore, we suggest these problems should be eliminated with a holistic approach. Did you know there is strategic planning for restoration purposes? In this guide, we will design a plan that will focus on “From Roots To Tips: Defeating Hair Loss And Nail Woes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. To tackle the problem, we are offering, Hair Loss And Nail Disorders In Dubai. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Treatment?

It aims to provide over-the-counter excellent services to patients. Our goal is to ensure rejuvenation, by effortlessly improving the problem from within. There are a variety of topical and oral medications that are prescribed first. These will help to tame the ongoing complications. After which, suitable treatment plans, specially designed according to your medical records and current dermal issues are aligned to help you overcome all underlying and externally associated diseases within the scalp and nails. This is why, we advise candidates to opt for an initial consultation to get a detailed analysis of their current situation. 

Hair Loss:

It can arise from several issues such as genetics, environmental and physiological factors. It is important to understand the underlying causes and treat the matter accordingly. Adopting a coherent approach will help to improve the quality and texture of our follicles.  If the issue is severe, your physicians will recommend medical procedures designed for this purpose specifically. However, if it’s low in intensity they will suggest some topical and non-invasive treatments such as PRP and growth factors products to reverse the problem.


We will suggest some treatments and strategies to overcome the appearance of dull and damaged hair down below:

  • The first and foremost step to achieving your desired hair goals is to reach out to a trichologist. He/She will examine your current condition and propose suitable options for you. 
  • Remember, early diagnosis ensures quick recovery. You must also consume a healthy and nutrient-rich diet to boost your internal health.
  • It is ideal to visit a dietician. Your healthcare provider will design a complementary diet plan according to your body’s requirements. Supplements are also prescribed to help fight off free radical which directly affects your natural glutathione. 
  • It is advised to refrain from pulling or styling your hair in high and tight ponytails. Check out our other blogs related to the topic published on our website.
  • Furthermore, maintain a good hygiene. Make sure to shampoo your hair with paraben-free cleansers. Increase your water intake and hydrate your scalp by introducing healthy oils while gently massaging the scalp.  
  • These shall improve your blood circulation and collaborate with the treatment plan designed for you. 
  • Lastly, in case of severe patches or receding hairline is detached. A variety of advanced hair restoration implants are available to restore hair recession and organically regrow your natural hairline. 

Nail Disease:

It is comprised of the situations that cause Hair Loss & Nail Disorders to deteriorate. Various factors are responsible for this issue. Some of the common problems faced by individuals are fungus, inflammation, joint infections, and some types of cancers. It is a problem of aesthetics but if not treated properly, it can cause damage to your entire system. We perform both non-invasive and invasive procedures to target and treat dermal complications related to nail health specifically. You are advised to consult a specialized dermatologist to design a suitable treatment plan for you. 

Defeating Nail Woes:

If you want to exterminate this issue, you need to find out the treatments and techniques offered by dermatologists and aestheticians at our clinic. Below are a few guidelines enlisted below:

  • The most crucial step in nail care is to visit a doctor who specializes in this field. You must have heard that prevention is key, it is vital to get treated in an early stage. 
  • We have different treatment options available for special needs. You are signed up for a treatment that suits best your ongoing problem.
  • Our aestheticians sometimes offer at-home remedies to cater to your issues. If you want more information on this matter, surf through our website to explore our home services as well. 

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