Facial Capillaries Causes and Solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Age gracefully! No skin condition should be a matter of shame. We apply layers of makeup to hide any irregularities. The only good that comes out of it is the camouflage. Is that it? Is that all that we want? Hide away from the problems rather than facing our fears? If you suffer from Facial Capillaries also known as Spider veins? This guide is for you. 

There are so many reasons why this skin condition starts to show up. Growing old could also be a major factor in promoting the growth of Facial Capillaries. The good news is; there is help available to get rid of these unpleasing Capillaries once and for all. Read the guide below to learn about Facial Capillaries: Causes and Solutions. 

What are Facial Capillaries?

Facial Capillaries are a skin condition also known as Telangiectasias. People often refer to it as Broken Capillaries. They are not broken but rather dilated blood vessels. The misunderstanding of skin conditions comes from the fact that they are caused by skin trauma. It occurs because of a pause in the blood flow. Think of it as a potato working underneath the skin. Sprouting its roots inside, and appearing on your skin. 

When your skin collagen breaks down. There is no longer any support underneath the skin layers to keep the blood cells flowing. Aging causes the skin to appear slightly transparent or become thin. This makes the Capillaries appear on the surface of the skin. Thus, you start to notice the veins on your face. The Facial Capillaries are harmless. They do not threaten your health, but they do appear to be unattractive on the face. It is very difficult to get rid of them without any medical help. Hiding behind makeup is a temporary solution. It is time to get a permanent fix. 


Facial Capillaries Causes and Solutions in Dubai Best Facial Capillaries Causes and Solutions Clinic in Dubai Best Facial Capillaries Causes and Solutions in Dubai


Facial Capillaries are treated using non-invasive laser surgeries. Laser is powered by radio frequencies that use heat energy to burn down the veins. You may feel like a hot rubber band tapping on the surface of your skin or a pinprick. Many patients claim to feel like their hair is being removed. The same sensation you feel when using an epilator. That’s why cold air pressure is blown on the face to calm down the discomfort. Also, aloe vera gel is applied to the face to soothe any soreness after the treatment. You notice instant results and obvious improvements in your skin complexion. To sustain the results, further maintenance is required once a year. Or every few years, depending on the conditions and strength of every individual patient. 


There are many factors that could have caused this skin condition. Some of them are;

  • Excessive sun exposure; can result in skin damage. Sunburns cause irritation which is further inflamed by roughly rubbing the skin. This inflammation can also lead to allergies.
  • Hyper Sensitive skin can develop into Rosacea. It responds by flushing and causing the skin to turn red and itchy.
  • It can be genetics. Or aging can lead to failure in the internal cell system. No active tissue working inside means no place for the veins to hide. This is why you are seeing veins on your face.
  • Too much Alcohol; promotes malfunctioning in the system. You age faster. This tricks the body to activate the premature aging effects.
  • Smoking; is the root cause of so many disorders inside the body. Blood clotting can also result in capillaries. 
  • And lastly, hormonal medications or intake of birth control pills. These consequences work as a bug inside the internal system. Thus, resulting in many malfunctioning of body programming.


There is a common misconception that Capillaries can never be treated completely. The truth is, it can not be treated in one treatment only. The results start to show improvements in 3 sessions. Also, there is no topical treatment available for Facial Capillaries. But wearing a maximum SPF can prevent it. 

Fortunately, there are some medical options available for you. They are;

  • Compression Therapy: it is a non-invasive treatment to eliminate the external appearance of the veins.
  • Laser Treatment: it targets the veins by forcing heat. The heat burns the vessels and helps to exit the body through the Lymphatic system.
  • Endovenous Laser Therapy: it is the newest way to get rid of any Facial Capillaries. It also involves heat, which targets the veins specifically and causes them to collapse and fall out immediately. 

Cost of the Treatment: 

The cost of the treatment varies from patient to patient. However, the average cost ranges from AED 1100 to AED 5000 per session. 

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