Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Offers

If you have ever felt insecure about your deep wrinkles, facelift surgery is what you need to consider. It intends to lift and pull back the skin to make the face tighter and smoother.

Below you may check the total Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

About Facelift:

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that lifts and tightens the tissues of the face to make the face appear more toned and smooth. It is usually recommended for older people with deep facial wrinkles. The procedure includes the removal of excess skin and smoothing of wrinkles and deep folds. FDA has approved this for a skin tightening surgical procedure. Full recovery after a facelift takes about 2-4 weeks.

Before opting for the procedure, it is important to understand the techniques used by the surgeons as well as the results that can be achieved. How experienced the surgeon you get the procedure from and the results you want to achieve can make a big difference in the cost.

Average Cost:

Facelift surgery cost in Dubai varies around AED 7000 or slightly more than AED 16000. You must also take into account the cost of the consultation, aftercare, or unique procedure that may be required. However, the total cost of the procedure depends on the following factors.

  • Surgical technique
  • Combined procedures
  • Procedure complications
  • Surgeons experience


Best Clinic of Facelift Surgery Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE   Best Clinic of Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE   Best Facelift Surgery Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE

Best Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE   Facelift Surgery Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE   Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE

Installment Plans:

Royal clinic offers installment plants at 0% interest for a wide range of expensive surgeries such as facelifts. This plan can be selected for up to 6 months, which is included in the minimum amount due each month. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of other funding options, including recurring offers, discounts, and more. Start treatment immediately with a payment option that is tailored to your needs.

Important Considerations:

The results you get after a facelift will stay with you for a lifetime. So your first goal should be to find the best-experienced doctor. It is important to choose a surgeon with a track record of successful surgeries in the past. It would be critical to meet an untrained one in terms of serious complications.

Cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor. When prices are even lower than AED 5000 it means that there may be a danger. Low prices usually seem attractive at first, but can let you spend a lot more on post complications. However, in addition, please ensure that the offered prices include all applicable fees.

Facelift Surgery at an Affordable Cost:

Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. This is because the cost is usually a third of the cost in the US or UK. There are no compromises on quality. The medical equipment is first class and the doctors have specialist knowledge of cosmetic procedures.

As the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai, we never let cost be a barrier to self-improvement. Our discounts and installments will help you with this. Please contact our doctors directly to find out more about the Facelift Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.