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There are people who are fat and they opt for liposuction to get rid of excessive fat and there are also those who are thin and want to gain some weight on their face so for all those comes to a minimally invasive procedure of Face Fat Transfer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah which is offered by Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai at affordable rates with amazing results. To gain volume onto your face in no time.

What it is Done for?

  • Add volume to a specific region of the body, similar to bosoms or posterior
  • Skin Rejuvenation lessens profound facial scars that are brought about by skin break out
  • To fill in smooth abnormalities and shape characterized forms.
  • Stout indented or drooping region of the face, similar to cheeks or eyes


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Contingent upon the degree of the area being dealt with, facial fat joining can be performed under one or the other general or nearby sedative. It is a harmless system with insignificant scarring. Recuperation time is insignificant, and most patients can get back to work and additionally other non-difficult exercises the day after the system. There are three sections to this strategy:


  • The benefactor site is ready. Fat is gathered from regions of the body where the lubricant is most firmly stuffed, like the mid-region or the rear end.
  • The fat is gathered utilizing a cannula (slim empty needle) associated with a needle. This interaction is basically the same as LIPOSUCTION.


  • Fat is filtered either manually or precisely to acquire fat cells for uniting.
  • Fat cells are ready for movement.


  • The region for insertion is made ready.
  • With a cannula, the pre-arranged fat cells are infused into the area.
  • The infusion is rehashed until the ideal adjustment is accomplished.

Fat tends to become re-ingested into the body and, as it is absurd to expect to anticipate precisely how much fat will make due subsequent to uniting is finished, follow-up arrangements are important to screen the outcomes. While fat joining is effective, regular outcomes are accomplished most recent 1 year or longer. Much of the time the outcomes are super durable after rehashing different infusion medicines.


Face Fat Transfer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi have a ton of advantages. A portion of the advantages include:

  • They improve your facial equilibrium by reestablishing the shapes.
  • They work on your bends by reestablishing the volume of specific body regions.
  • It is a negligibly intrusive treatment.
  • It provides volume to the face
  • It helps improve the texture of the skin
  • It provides better contouring to the face as well as brings a new glow to the skin.

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