Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Skin becomes saggy with advancing age due to the effect of gravity. Discoloration, loosening of the skin, baggy eyelids, loss of tightness, and wrinkles occur. The aging process of the skin is accelerated by factors like sunlight exposure, air pollution, inconsistent sleep, heavy smoking, and alcohol use. Aging can be more prominent with droopy eyelids. Blepharoplasty surgery, the Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, tends to this condition and gets the appearance it should be.

What are Droopy Eyes?

The process of aging begins with the eyes. Eyes are affected making it hooded or eyelids droopy. The eyelids get droopy when extra skin comes on the eyes. It may be on a single eye or both eyes permanently or just for the time being. The skin on the upper eyelid may cover the pupil resulting in uneasiness and difficulty in vision. It also makes the person look older than their age. The condition of droopy eyelids is called Ptosis. There can also be other reasons for drooping eyes apart from aging.


One main cause of drooping eyes is increasing age. With age loosening of skin is very common and natural. However, some people can have droopy eyes since birth. In such cases, age is not a factor and the condition is known as lazy eye.  

Another reason may be due to damaged nerves in the eyelids because of injury or disease or some other serious medical condition like cancer.  

It is better to consult a doctor if a person thinks there may be some other cause for droopy eyelids. The doctor may perform some physical tests or suggest blood tests to diagnose the underlying cause of drooping eyes. 


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Best Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids in Dubai   Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids Dubai   Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids in Dubai

The Best Treatment for Droopy Eyelids:

If the root cause of this condition is not harmful to the health of a person in any way, treatment can be avoided. However, if it affects the health of a person, treatment is crucial. After diagnosis, the doctor suggests suitable treatment. The treatment for droopy eyes can also be for purely cosmetic reasons for example if a person wants to enhance their appearance. The effects of treatment may endure a lifetime for certain patients. Others may experience a recurrence of drooping eyelids. Eyelid Surgery for Droopy Eyelids Dubai is something very common and a lot of people get it done.

There are Two Main Treatments:

The first type is a surgical treatment also known as Blepharoplasty. This can be done on both the upper eyelid and also on the lower eyelid depending on the condition. For drooping eyes, this surgery is done on the upper eyelid under local anesthesia. The doctor puts a small cut on the eyelid and takes out the extra fat or skin from the eyelid and tightens it.

The other type is non-surgical. In this method, the person with droopy eyes wears glasses with a crutch that holds back the extra skin coming on the eyelids. This is called the Ptosis crutch.  

Why do People get the Surgery Done?

The main reasons why people get the surgery are either a cosmetic reasons to enhance their appearance and compliment the eyes or due to serious medical reasons. One of the medical reasons could be that the vision is impacted.

Benefits of Surgery:

  • It is a permanent method to treat drooping eyes
  • Enhances the eyesight as it removes skin from the pupil giving the person a clear vision
  • Does not cause scar
  • Evens out the skin all around the eyes
  • People who feel as though their eyelids are heavy owing to extra skin bearing down on the eyelashes and eyelids may benefit from having excess weight removed.
  • Makes a person look young
  • Excess skin on the eyelid rubs together and causes skin irritation, which can be reduced with surgery.

Side Effects:

There are no major side effects. It can, however, sometimes cause irritation, redness, or swelling in the eye(s) temporarily. It can also cause temporary blurred vision in certain people. Anesthesia reactions and clotting are among the problems of surgeries in general. A person may also suffer from numbed eyelids, discomfort, and inflammation after the operation.


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