Eyebrow Transplant for Thick Brows Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Eyebrows act like a frame for the face, if they are well-groomed, thick, and properly shaped, they can transform the appearance. The shape of eyebrows is so important that it is a symbol of recognition for many celebrities. The shape and curve affect the shape of the face, and the color can add brightness to the eyes even without the use of makeup. Unfortunately, only a few can boast perfect eyebrows, and most people must resort to various tricks like the Eyebrow Transplant for Thick Brows Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to get the eyebrows of their dreams.

Who Needs a Hair Transplant?

The reasons why a person may need an eyebrow transplant can be varied and usually do not depend on gender. According to research, a very small number of men opt for the procedure and the majority of people getting the treatment are women. Common reasons include:

  • Change the shape of the eyebrows, considering the shape of the face
  • Masking the scars or burns
  • Sparse and thin eyebrows
  • Asymmetrical eyebrows

Who Should Not Get the Treatment?

If the patient decides to resort to the procedure of transplantation on the eyebrows, the contraindications must also be considered. A transplant cannot be performed in the following conditions:

  • There is not enough hair in the donor area, however, eyebrows usually need a small amount of hair.
  • The presence of mental illness associated with pulling out one’s hair
  • Exacerbation of skin diseases
  • Diabetes prevents good healing and has a high risk of infectious complications

Techniques Used:

In any hair transplant operation, two main stages can be distinguished, this is the taking of hair from the donor area and transplanting it into the area that needs new hairs. Hair for transplantation is usually taken from the back of the head or temples, however, hair from other parts of the body can also be used. It is also possible to transplant whole areas of skin along with hair, but at present, this method is rarely used.

Among the varieties of hair transplantation, the FUT, FUE, and DHI methods can be distinguished. Most often, follicular units are used for hair transplantation today.


A strip of skin along with the hair is cut out from the donor area with a scalpel, and this leaves a scar at the donor site. Under a microscope, individual follicular units are cut from the resulting strip, which is then transplanted using a scalpel. The advantage of the method is the simultaneous receipt of many units for transplantation.


Depending on the patient’s desired result, a certain number of hairs will be extracted from either the patient’s eyebrow (the eyebrow will not be shaved), the hairs behind the ear, or the upper thighs and implanted very tightly in the direction of the natural hair growth in the areas of baldness.

Hair will start to grow again about 2 months after surgery, and noticeable hair growth will start about 4-6 months after surgery.

What Results Can You Achieve?

As a result of hair transplantation, the patient receives thick natural eyebrows, with the preliminary task of making them thicker. Or the restored shape of the eyebrows, after mechanical damage and stress correction of the shape after total plucking. Restoration of the shape of the eyebrows after their complete loss due to several diseases or mechanical damage.

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What are Aftercare Instructions?

After Eyebrow Transplant for Thick Brows Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah after about 3 months, the eyebrows will begin to grow, and in a minimum of 7-8 months, and a maximum of 1 year, they will complete the formation process and acquire a healthy look. At first, the transplanted hair and eyebrows will grow at different rates, so they may take longer to grow.

However, the growth of eyebrows can be made the same by correcting them every 15 days. In any case, assuming that women’s eyebrows are adjusted every 20 days, this will not be a problem. After a while, the transplanted eyebrows adjust to the new environment and begin to behave like normal eyebrows. From the first year, the growth rate of new eyebrows will begin to decrease, and by the end of the second year, they will move to a normal rate.


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