Everything About Vampire Facial Treatment in Dubai Cost & Price

You may have heard about many skin care routines. There are many skin care procedures that are worthwhile and popular. Nowadays cosmetic surgeries have gained wide popularity though people still do not want to opt for these procedures due to many rumors and misinformation that surround this industry. Every treatment takes time to get popular and if it has effective results then that treatment becomes versatile. 

You might have heard of a new skincare treatment which is a vampire facial. This facial is made worthwhile and popular by famous celebrities and stars. Due to its fruitful results, it is made available to everyone more than celebrities. This procedure sounds scary but it is not that painful. The vampire facial is also named micro-needling with PRP and brings numerous benefits to your skin. Visit our clinic and know Everything About Vampire Facial Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for effective results.

What is a Vampire Facial?

It is an advanced skincare treatment that occurs in two steps. It includes micro-needling along with PRP. It is the safest procedure that repairs and regenerates the skin and makes your skin whiten. This facial can provide many aesthetic benefits to your skin and increase elastic and collagen production. It takes a sample of blood from your face, spins it in the centrifuge machine, and separates all the blood components that are inserted back into the skin. 

What is the Procedure?

The procedure of vampire facial involves micro-needling and PRP. In this procedure, small needles are used to puncture the skin and withdraw a small amount of blood from your arm region. Then the principle of centrifugation is applied to the blood. The ultracentrifuge machine separates the blood and plasma from the erythrocytes. This will promote the production of elastin and collagen which helps the PRP to penetrate deeper. Before microneedling a topical numbing cream is applied to avoid pain and discomfort.

After microneedling is done then PRP is applied to your skin. It contains a rich solution of platelet-rich plasma protein that is extracted from the blood. This solution is rich in growth stimulators and helps in repairing and rejuvenating the skin. You may experience redness, and dry and itchy skin just like the sun burns for the first few days after treatment.

What are the Advantages?

The wide social media have presented this vampire facial quite dramatically due to its surprising results and manifold benefits. The benefits of vampire facials are as follows

  • Promotes Collagen Production:

Collagen is an important constituent of the skin that keeps skin repaired. But growing older with time the amount of collagen in the skin began to reduce. The decreased production and amount of collagen affect the skin condition. But having this facial promotes collagen production in the skin and prevents the development of facial lines and wrinkles.

  • Tight and Firm Skin:

This procedure is essential for tight skin. Your skin mass tends to lose and layers become thin and sag out, especially near the lips, and cheeks. This facial tightens your skin, lifts your cheeks, and makes your lips plumper.

  • Improve Skin Texture:

Vampire facial removes all the dead cells from the skin and removes all the dirt and debris. It improves the texture of the skin and makes your skin even and smooth. It is the perfect facial for one dealing with a variety of skin problems.

  • Less Painful:

This facial sounds painful and full of agony but in reality, it does not involve much pain and discomfort. Your dermatologist will examine your skin correctly and apply anesthesia to the treated area so you will not feel any kind of sensitivity or agony.

Is a Vampire Facial Suitable for You?

This is a very natural and fruitful procedure that shows satisfactory results. Its main role is that promotes the healing process and repair your skin. It also smooths and even skin texture and tone. It is done in a short time interval and has no side effects. It has minimal downtime and results are noticed instantly after having this facial. Hence this procedure is suitable for everyone, especially for outgoing people who go out to social gatherings. It gives us a more youthful appearance and makes us feel confident.

Why Choose Us?

There are many procedures and other techniques for skin care but you need to know Everything About Vampire Facial Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Visit our Enfield Royal Dermatology Clinic in Dubai and have these worthwhile treatments. Make yourself young and your skin glow and smooth with this vampire facial.