Erectile Dysfunction treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

The inability to obtain and maintain an erection appropriate for sexual activity is known as erectile dysfunction or ED. One in ten adult guys is thought to have this problem on a long-term basis. A man with erectile dysfunction would frequently struggle to get or maintain a strong enough erection for intercourse.

Many times, our doctor can diagnose Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and suggest a course of treatment based solely on a patient’s physical examination and responses to questions about their medical history. You might need additional tests or a specialist consultation if you have ongoing medical issues or your doctor suspects an underlying condition may be at play.

Erectile Dysfunction: What Causes it?

ED can result from a variety of causes, such as:

  • Vascular disease: vascular diseases like atherosclerosis can cause the blood flow to the penis to become restricted or constrained (hardening of the arteries).
  • Neurological conditions (like multiple sclerosis): Strokes, diabetes, and other conditions can affect the nerves that send signals to the penis.
  • Psychological conditions: These include anxiety about performing, tension, depression, and a lack of brain stimulation.
  • Trauma: An injury may make symptoms worse.


It might be challenging to achieve or maintain an erection strong enough for intercourse when you have erectile dysfunction. Your healthcare physician or a urologist might offer assistance if ED develops into a persistent issue.

It may be a serious indicator that a man’s vascular system is becoming obstructed, which is a sign of cardiovascular disease. According to some studies, men with ED are significantly more likely to experience a heart attack, a stroke, or circulatory issues in their legs. It also results in:

  • A low sense of self
  • Depression
  • For the man and his partner, distress.

It is important to treat if it is hurting a man’s relationships or overall health. The goal of treatment is to improve erectile function, circulatory health, and a man’s quality of life.


The first step in treating this issue is to maintain good heart and vascular health. ‘Risk factors that can be altered or addressed may be mentioned by your doctor. You can be asked to alter you’re eating habits, give up smoking, work out more, or refrain from using drugs or alcohol. Alternatives to the medications you use can be provided to you. (Never stop using or switching prescription medications without first consulting your doctor.)

 Treatment for emotional issues may also be advised by your healthcare physician. These could result from marital issues, daily tensions, despair, or anxiety brought on by previous ED issues (performance anxiety).

ED Therapies:

The first line of treatment is frequently non-invasive. The majority of the most popular Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Price in Dubai are effective and secure. However, it can be helpful to inquire with your doctor about potential side effects for each choice:

  • Using Testosterone (when low testosterone is detected in blood testing).
  • Penile Injections (ICI, intracorneal Alprostadil).
  • An intraurethral drug (IU, Alprostadil).
  • Devices for Vacuum Erection.
  • Sperm implants.

Some younger men with a history of severe pelvic injuries may have surgery to bypass penile artery damage. Older men with hardened arteries are not advised to undergo penile vascular surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost in Dubai:

The Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Price in Dubai can range from AED 1499 to AED 5999. The cost can vary depending on several factors. 

Vacuum Erection Apparatus:

A plastic tube used as a vacuum erection device fits over the penis and forms a tight seal with the body’s skin. An erection is produced by a pump at the other end of the tube, which creates a low-pressure vacuum surrounding the erectile tissue. After that, a flexible ring is placed at the penis’s base. This retains the blood in the penis for up to 30 minutes, keeping it firm. With the right instruction, 75 out of 100 men can successfully use a vacuum erection gadget to achieve an erection.

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Due to social pressure, hiding such personal issues won’t help you get better or feel better. You must consult experts on the subject. Our highly skilled urologists at Enfield Royal Intimate Surgery Clinic are well known for their excellent services and guaranteed results. Your intimate difficulties will be handled delicately and in secret by our doctors. So don’t be embarrassed to talk to us about these private issues. Additionally, the initial consultation with our expert won’t cost you a thing. Request a free consultation to learn more about Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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