Embrace Dryness, Embrace Confidence: The Miradry Effect

Are you tired of seeing stains caused by excessive moisture in your underarm region? Don’t worry, it is a treatable problem. About 80% of the population is dealing with it and, you will be relieved to know that it is treatable. Some researchers suggest that sweating is our body’s way of cooling off when it faces heat or stress. Few individuals sweat profoundly while others’ issues are intense. This problem can affect our confidence levels, we often find ourselves hiding from everyone around us. It is vital to understand that it is not only a matter of appearance but could be highlighting internal problems in the body. Thus, it shouldn’t be neglected and taken proper care of. Read our guide Embrace Dryness, Embrace Confidence: The Miradry Effect and flaunt your beauty without any tension. Miradry Treatment In Dubai is your go-to option to get rid of sweating once and for all.


A non-surgical method that aims to target the humidity and smell in arm crease. It is most commonly used for medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis. Known for its long-lasting power it’s gaining immense popularity across the world. This procedure is performed using a device that employs the method of thermal energy which works very effectively on the affected zone. 


The step-by-step procedure to be free of dampness and odor is as follows:

  • After consulting with your dermatologist, they will prepare and mark the area that needs to be treated.
  • In the second step, numbing cream will be provided for the comfort of the patients. So that they may not encounter any unpleasant sensations during the session.
  • The device will be activated. You will be told before beginning the therapy.
  • The machine will use microwave energy to hit and warm the glands that are causing excessive moisture and unpleasant smells.
  • The troublesome oil glands will be eliminated to avoid any damage in the future.
  • This procedure involves the technology that uses cooling devices that will protect the neighboring dermal tissues. 
  • It is a smooth session and easy session that takes nearly one hour, more or less to complete one session.


The following are the advantages of this session:

  • It will help you to embrace dryness and confidence. The most important plus point is that you will not need to cover up and hide as it aids in sweat reduction.
  • This session has dual effects as at one time it can reduce the moisture and only remove the bad smell caused by the humidity.
  • Long-lasting and permanent results are ensured. The discarded glands don’t regrow after the session.
  • Its non-invasiveness will make it an ideal option for those who don’t periphery going for surgeries. Thus, it is suitable for all kinds of people.
  • No waiting time is needed. Individuals with busy schedules can go for it as they will be able to resume their daily life in an instant.
  • It is a flexible and customizable treatment, the practitioner can adjust the settings of the device depending upon the severity of the disease.
  • The underarm area is very sensitive, it can’t bear the reactions caused by harsh chemicals and toxic products. This session is designed keeping in mind the texture of this area.
  • The natural appearance of the skin is conserved, and it doesn’t cause any allergies or adverse reactions. 
  • Your self-esteem will be boosted and you will live a fulfilling quality of life with improved social and personal relationships.

Additional Safety Guidelines:

Following are the precautions you need to take care of:

  • Discuss your entire medical history with the aestheticians before the session to look for any allergies or serious medical conditions.
  • You need to check if the chosen clinic is registered in the local region and if the practitioner is a board-certified professional with promising expertise. 
  • Quit shaving or waxing, both of these can be a possible cause of increased dryness and moisture.
  • Redness or soreness can appear after this session, no need to worry it is normal. You can use cooling gels or icing packs to calm the skin.
  • You may feel tingling sensations during the first 48 hours post-treatment. However, this discomfort will fade away shortly. Use ice bags or cooling gel to soothe the inflammation.  

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