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Examining things about your personal existence with doctors isn’t generally a simple discussion. However, it’s without a doubt a significant one for your physical and mental prosperity. You can frankly talk about ED1000 Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE with Enfield Royal Clinic and get treated with ease.

Erectile Dysfunction:

It is a condition wherein a man can’t get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. ED can be a present moment or long-haul issue that can happen at whatever stage in life. It normally results from mental, neurological, or vein problems, injury, or from the symptoms of certain medications or medical procedures. Issues with achieving or supporting an erection may likewise be an indication of a fundamental ailment that needs treatment.

Beneficial for:

This treatment is beneficial for you if:

  • You will be less reliant upon taking prescriptions to have intercourse
  • You have encountered bothersome symptoms of medications or different medicines
  • You have not accomplished agreeable outcomes with other ED medicines
  • You have medical issues that limit your choices for therapy
  • You wish to have more diligently, longer-enduring erections


We picked this device at Enfield Royal Clinic among numerous accessible shockwave equipment on account of its amazingly astonishing history of outcomes in erectile enhancement treatment. Not all types of equipment providing shockwave have a huge collection of clinical information to help viability in this treatment.


It is a straightforward, protected, easy, and sedation-free treatment for men with erectile brokenness brought about by unfortunate bloodstream to the penis. Dissimilar to on-request arrangements, it centers around further developing the bloodstream to the penis, to create it almost certain you can get and keep up with erections all alone. A specialist applies a wand-like piece of equipment to the penis that conveys gentle shockwaves. And help in gently getting back the exact erection.


  • Best and demonstrated clinical outcomes
  • Light, lively sort of portable outcomes
  • Supported with licensed and restrictive innovation
  • Known to have a Long-term impact
  • Based angiogenesis – is viewed as setting off the regular fixed instrument of the body
  • The without pain and short treatment choices with no announced aftereffects
  • It is an especially reasonable choice for extra urology applications


As this  ED Treatment is not offered at every clinic so its cost may vary from clinic to clinic depending open some factors such as the level of the clinic, and the geographical location of the clinic as treatment in Dubai is more costly than in Sharjah. The expertise level of the doctor performing this therapy of shock wave and the quality of results he gets from most of his clients while using this device, the number of sessions required by each client, and the medical condition of the client.

With an estimate, the treatment ED1000 Treatment Cost in Dubai UAE can range from AED9,000 to AED20,000. The actual cost can only be determined by visiting the cosmetic surgeon by showing your condition. At Enfield Royal Clinic we offer this treatment at the starting cost of AED8,000.

Why Choose Us?

One thing Men need to understand is there is no need to hide such delicate intimate problems. There is a wide range of solutions to all of such issues for men. If you are considering going for this therapy then do consult our expert specialists at Enfield Royal Intimate Clinic in Dubai. Our clinic is offering a very first free consultation with expert dermatologists. Go grab this offer and know more about ED1000 Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE.

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Dr. Matt Stefanelli is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon based in Dubai. He is a fully qualified and double-certified European and French specialist, an expert in aesthetic, medical procedures for the whole body with a particular interest in genital and buttock aesthetics.

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