Ear Piercing Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Large and small earrings are drawn to the ears like a magnet because they serve as a great canvas for creativity. Here is detailed guidance on where new holes will look the greatest if you’re considering adding some flair to your lobes, curves, and cartilage. One of the most straightforward, yet remarkable methods to accentuate individuality is through body piercing. The type of jewelry chosen will reveal a lot about the person wearing it, whether it has large ornate gold elements or tiny delicate opals. The piercing treatment itself doesn’t take long; you can acquire a piercing that will make you happy for the rest of your life in only a few minutes.

Is this not a justification to puncture your dreams? Then what are you waiting for, get to know about Ear Piercing Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah now!

Types of Ear Piercing:

A needle is used to puncture the ear in several locations. A needle and decoration are chosen with consideration for the area where the puncture will be done.

  • Piercing of the earlobe. Piercing the ear. The medium-sized needle is embellished with a labret with a ball or a stunning crystal, opal, or natural stone.
  • Industrial. Using a 14 ga needle, two holes were punctured in the upper portion of the cartilage helix and joined with an immediate decoration—a barbell.
  • Every tragus piercing is unique. Small or medium-diameter straight or curved needle with a small labret earring as adornment.
  • Antitragus piercing, piercing of the antitragus. The tragus piercing uses the same needle and jewelry, and the jewelry is a tiny barbell.

Along with many others, we perform all of the piercings listed. Our skilled experts will expertly pierce your ears and explain how to care for them thereafter.


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How Do We Pierce Ear?

One of the body modifications that has maintained its appeal over many ages and to this day is ear piercing. Earrings that are lovely and well-chosen unquestionably enhance a woman. Men are indeed wearing this form of jewelry more frequently to improve their appearance.

We employ specialized medical devices, or guns, to pierce ears accurately, quickly, and safely. With sterile needle earrings made of specific medical steel, they rapidly, accurately, and safely pierce the ears. Because of this, even young children who are scared of sharp objects and particularly any piercings can get their earlobes pierced. Despite this, it is advised to get ears pierced later, particularly after 8 years. when the ear’s cartilage base has fully developed. The treatment must be performed in a specialist medical facility, where there won’t be any questions regarding the sterility of the equipment or the doctor’s credentials.


Ear Piercing Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for a single piercing start at AED 165; 18 and 14-carat pieces are slightly more expensive. The cost may depend upon some factors given below:


The location of a clinic may affect its prices accordingly, if the clinic is located in an expensive area, they can charge according to the location they are surrounded by.


The tool which is being used in the process also affects its cost. Tools may be expensive or cheap, it depends on what you choose for yourself.


An experienced doctor will cost more than a newcomer in this field. The cost may vary in this case.


The benefits of this procedure are:

  • Full safety and sterility
  • Silent puncture without a shot, meaning the ear is perforated rather than shot
  • Lessening of pain
  • With one exception, the ears are pierced precisely where they are supposed to be.

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