Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cause Cancer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Did you get the tattoo to paint your blank canvas with a nostalgic memory of your love? Or are you facing the consequences of an exotic night out with your friends? If you are planning to undergo a Laser Tattoo Removal In Dubai. Let us fill you in on the miraculous properties of this procedure we are offering you. Explore the incredible outcomes in store for you. Discover: Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cause Cancer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Read along to find detailed answers to the query and embark on your journey to a flawless transformation of mind, soul, and body!

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

It is an innovative technique that is widely used to fade or eliminate any unwanted ink drawing on your skin. It is an FDA-approved procedure with utilizes heat energy to deliver unique precision. It emits light pulses to break ink particles. They are then absorbed into the body’s immune system which results in gradual pigment destruction. It is a steady process that provides natural results. However, the efficacy of the improvement depends on the number of sessions you opt for. These sessions ensure the success of your tattoo removal journey.

Does It Cause Cancer?

A common misconception that comes with the treatment is that its content is cancer-causing. However, it is a false rumor since cancer might be caused by prolonged exposure to UV light, rather than undergoing laser beams. Moreover, with years of research, scientists have debunked and concluded that it showed no links associated with the myths. In addition to this, the treatment is also FDA-approved, therefore, it is a safe and reliable option to upgrade the texture and quality of the skin.

Aim Of Treatment: 

The main goal is to break down the ink pigments from the depth of the dermis. It provides visible results with no downtime. The high intensity of light destroys blotches of ink to small fragments in several intervals. These are then destroyed using natural body processes. There is no scarring as well as surrounding area damage due to precise targeting. All in all, it can safely help you reach your goal with no inflammation or infection.  

What To Expect During The Process?

Some fixed steps are followed during the procedure. These are discussed below:

  • Before the process, you have a detailed consultation with a specialist who examines the site of treatment and advises you to avoid certain medications.
  • On the day, the professional will apply numbing cream after cleansing your skin under care.
  • Later, the specialist will activate the hand-held device and glide it over your skin to dismiss the unwanted tattoo marks. 
  • Depending on the color of the ink or the size of the area under consideration, the duration of process may last for an hour, more or less.
  • After the session, cooling or moisturizing gel is applied to tame the inflammation or redness caused by the light beams.
  • Finally, a few follow-up sessions are recommended to completely dismiss the inky imprints. Moreover, these sessions are generally arranged with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks. You are guided about some aftercare precautions to practice safe healing at home.

Benefits To Look For:

The numerous benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal In Dubai are mentioned below:

  • It is a permanent solution and once the marks fade away, your skin will appear clean and clear without any scar or pigment memory.
  • Moreover, this treatment does precise targeting with no damage to the surrounding areas. Furthermore, there are no side effects to worry about.
  • It is a suitable option for a variety of skin types. It works to accelerate your collagen cells, which will further improve the quality of the treated area in the long run. 
  • Similarly, you will encounter improvements within the initial sessions. Any post scars or spots you had prior to the tattoo will also be discarded for good. 
  • Unlike surgical options, there are no risks of bleeding or swelling. This means you can safely transition while going about your day after each session.
  • Moreover, there is no pain whatsoever during or after the process. Your healthcare professional will make sure to provide you with comfort during the process.
  • Finally, with a smooth transformation, you will feel confident about your body. Not only can you enjoy flaunting yourself at the beach, but also have fearless intimate moments with your new sweetheart.

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