Does HIFU Get Rid of Cellulite in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

In the new world, appearances can not only make a good first impression but can also provide the confidence needed in day-to-day activities. New technology has now provided many different ways to improve your overall looks and one of the most advanced methods which utilize sound waves to both melt the fat as well as take care of the loose/excess skin left from losing said fats is HIFU, short for High-Intensity Frequency Ultrasound. Does HIFU Get Rid of Cellulite in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? As a new and improved cosmetic procedure, this treatment is making waves in the cosmetic industry and is being hailed as a solution for complicated problems, even cellulite…

Aim of the Procedure:

As a non-surgical procedure, this treatment uses high-frequency sound waves which are targeted at the specified area. The sound waves create heat energy in the targeted area which melts away most of the fat. This also resultantly reduces cellulite and improves collagen growth which is responsible for tightening the skin.


Results can be seen instantly and the treatment is generally an hour or so long. This process can be used on almost all body parts, including the inner and outer thighs, back, buttocks, upper arms, stomach, and abdomen. Multiple sessions are needed for lasting and better results and each session will give a visible outcome. 

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Ideal Candidate:

  • Although typically used for facial and neck tightening, Anyone who has excess fat on their body can get this treatment and get rid of their fats as well as tighter skin after the procedure. 
  • Another main reason why people prefer this method is because of its effectiveness against cellulite which causes bumps on the skin and makes it look uneven. Cellulite is different as compared to fat and tougher to get rid of.
  • HIFU is a short procedure, it can be performed in between daily activities and since it has no downtime, one can resume his/her daily activities after the procedure.


Before the treatment, A thorough examination will determine:

  1. The areas which are to be treated.
  2. The duration and intensity of the procedure.
  3. The number of total sessions required.

Pre-procedure, one should:

  1. Avoid using creams or ointments on the area to be treated.
  2. Let your doctor know if you are allergic to certain medications and tell him about your medical history.  

This will ensure that no risks are involved and that you get the optimal treatment for your particular case.


The doctor will begin by marking the treatable area. The high-tech device will be calibrated according to the frequency requirement and will deliver precise and accurate heat energy using sound waves. You may feel a slight tingling during the procedure which is perfectly normal and means that the procedure is working. 

Sound waves create heat which melts up to 40% of the fat in the area. Different frequencies of sound can be used to treat different areas separately and will always give permanent and quick results.


After the procedure, your doctor will give instructions to follow after the procedure which may include;

  • Staying out of direct sunlight
  • Avoiding creams or any other foreign chemical on the treated skin.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid things that cause dehydration such as alcohol or any medication.
  • Follow-up sessions to further enhance the results.


The benefits of HIFU treatment are;

  • This is a safe and non-invasive technique to quickly get rid of fats and cellulite.
  • No risk of infection or scarring.
  • No downtime or recovery period.
  • Suitable for almost all body parts.
  • Relatively cheap as compared to traditional surgical and invasive methods.
  • Instant and visible results
  • Painless and short procedure (usually an hour long at max).
  • Prolonged results can last over years.
  • Tightens skin.

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