Does Fat Transfer Cost More Than Breast Implants in Dubai Price

Although cosmetic procedures give you a perfect body yet one of the major considerations is their cost. Starting a cosmetic enhancement journey entails thinking about this as well. It’s critical that you know the difference between the price of breast augmentation versus fat transfer. You must have proper guidance before undergoing any of the procedures. let’s examine the nuances of the comparison between these two widely used procedures. Read on to learn more Does Fat Transfer Cost More Than Breast Implants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What Are Breast Implants?

These are prosthetic devices. Generally, your doctor will place it surgically. They will help in increasing the size, shape, or symmetry of the breasts. You can use them for cosmetic purposes but you can also use them for reconstructive surgery. Doctors also use them to correct congenital chest wall deformities.

Assessing the Cost Factors:

Procedure Complexity: 

Transferring fat to the breasts entails removing fat from one part of the body. The intricacy of this procedure is the major factor that determines the total dues of the procedure. On the other hand, saline or silicone implants are the most common and popular choice for breast implants. The price of the procedure is widely affected by the type of procedure you choose.

Surgeon’s Expertise: 

Surgeons with more experience may charge more. This is because of their reputation and skill set. Selecting a highly qualified expert may affect the final expenditure..

Materials Used: 

The cost of breast implants in Dubai varies depending on the brand and type (silicon or saline). In a similar fashion, the price of the supplies and type of instruments that your surgeon will use in fat transfer will also affect the total amount.

Geographical Location: 

There are differences in total expenditure depending on where the procedure is performed. Procedure prices may be higher in urban areas or in areas with a higher cost of living than in other regions.

Understanding the Comparative Costs:

There are big differences in the costs of breast implants in Dubai and fat transfer:

Fat Transfer:

The procedures that your doctor uses may affect the overall cost. The processes of fat transfer are marginally more expensive than implants on average. This is because fat harvesting and grafting require extra steps. The cost of fat transfer in Dubai is upto 15000 AED. 

Breast Implant:

Depending on the kind and brand, they can cost differently. The process can generally cost upto 25000 AED. This could vary, though, depending on the type of implant selected and the surgeon’s fees.

Additional Considerations


Though both procedures yield results that last for a long time, fat transfer may reabsorb more quickly than implants. This means you may need touch-up procedures down the road.

Natural vs. Synthetic:

Because fat transfer uses the body’s own tissue, it provides a more natural method. On the other hand, implants use artificial materials but offer a more noticeable improvement right away.

Making an Informed Decision:

In the end, choosing between fat transfer and implants involves more considerations than just price. It means considering your body type, long-term goals, and desired aesthetic. Speak with a certified cosmetic surgeon in Dubai to determine which procedure best fits your needs and budget.

The Breast Implant Procedure:


It is essential to have a comprehensive consultation with our licensed plastic surgeons in Dubai. This entails talking about your objectives, evaluating your anatomy, and choosing the right kind and size of the implant.


The process is usually carried out while under general anesthesia. Surgeons select the type of incision. After that, they use sutures to seal the incisions.


Although recovery times vary, patients can typically get back to their regular routines in a few weeks. They can resume light activities in a few days. For the best possible healing, post-operative care instructions and follow-up appointments are crucial.

Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai: Your Guide to Informed Cosmetic Enhancement:

Knowing what influences the cost of cosmetic enhancements such as fat transfer or breast implants in Dubai is essential. Although fat transfer may be more expensive because of its complexity, each procedure has its own benefits.

At Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, we understand how important it is to take these small details into account when selecting the cosmetic enhancement that best suits your objectives, expectations, and budget. Call us directly to book the consultation or fill out the form given below.