Does Cool Sculpting Work On Chin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Many people suffer from double chin that affects their facial appearance. Though they are not obese but still have a collection of fat cells in certain body regions. This gives them unpleasant look. They try to hide their double chin because they are conscious of their profile. Women are more conscious of their looks and beauty. They do various exercise dietings to get rid of this fat. It is obvious that these methods require time and patience for the results. They want to get instant solutions for accumulating fat in the body areas. 

Coolsculpting is aimed to lessen this fat and give you your desired look. It is a cosmetic procedure that gives you instant and fruitful results. The majority are concerned knowing Does Cool Sculpting Works On the Chin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? They should know that chin fat responds amazingly to this procedure. If you aim to get rid of chin fat you should opt for this procedure. 

What is Cool Sculpting?

It is a non-surgical procedure that is used to remove all the fat cells. This procedure involves no cuts or incisions on the treated area. This works on the subcutaneous layer of fat cells under the skin. It freezes all the fat cells at the targeted site that are absorbed in the body. This method breaks and freezes the fat cells that are broken down. All the small fat particles are excreted out of the body giving you a smooth appearance.

Can it be Done on the Double Chin?

Chin fat responds well to cool sculpting procedures. The fat cells lying under your chin gets freeze and are easily removed using this technology. Individuals who have an ideal weight but still have fat cells in particular areas of the body. The fat cells perfectly fit into the colling applicator and remove effectively by cooling procedure. It is the best procedure for the removal of a double chin.


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How It is Done?

This procedure is performed using a handheld applicator that seems like a vacuum nozzle. 

This device is targeted at the fatty area and a cooling gel is also applied. Then the device is rolled all sound the face to suck the abnormal chin fat. It provides cooling to the targeted area and freezes the fat. You may experience a feeling of stretching and irritation when the procedure is going on. After the treatment is done that area is massaged gently to break down the frozen fat deep inside the tissue. This helps your body to absorb the small fat cells and easily eliminate them from the body. 

What to Expect?

There is no downtime for the treatment. The patient can resume his normal activities just after getting the procedure. Little pain, redness, and soreness are common after the procedure. These all effects will subside within a couple of days. You will notice obvious results after 2- 3 weeks after the treatment. But the complete results will be noticed after 3 months. Some patients claim it is a painful procedure that involves a feeling of pinching.

Is this Painful?

It is a safe and nonsurgical procedure done to remove fat cells from the chin. This procedure involves no or little pain. The patients who undergo this treatment report that they feel pinching for the first few minutes until that area is not completely numbed. Otherwise, this method is safe and involves no discomfort.


You need to follow the precautionary measures given by your doctor for long-lasting results. Following are some general precautionary measures that you should follow

  • Have control of your diet. Eat a balanced diet rich that contains low content of carbs and calories.
  • You should keep checking on the intake of your calories.
  • Avoid doing hard and intense exercise.
  • You should not lift any heavy weight for at least one week after treatment.
  • Gently massage the treated area. 
  • Eat pain killer if you feel more pain and discomfort
  • Apply cold ice packs on the treated area to minimize soreness. 
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes.
  • Make sure not to sit in front of the heat. Your body temperature should be normal. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

It is a permanent treatment and the fat cells that are frozen at the body sites do not come back. All the fat cells that are accumulated are then broken then into smaller pieces. They are easily removed from the body. The results are permanent if you take a properly balanced diet after the procedure also. 

Why Choose Us?

You can get rid of a double chin and enhance your facial appearance. We at Enfield Royal Laser Treatments Clinic in Dubai offer the best procedure for cool sculpting. It is performed by highly qualified and expert surgeons. We have a team of well-mannered staff that works in collaboration with each other. Visit our clinic and come to know Does Cool Sculpting Work On Chin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?