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Age is a deterioration process. With time as you grow older, your skin loses all its elasticity and firmness. This sagged skin may gather and may form cellulite in slim people. They do not excessive fat accumulation that can become cause skin lumps. On the other hand, obese people have an abnormal quantity of deposited fat cells. The fat cells gather more in the hip and thigh region. It forms a lump on the skin that comes out of the skin. Actually, the connective tissue beneath the skin loses and the fat gathers around the sides of the body. Many people want to know Does Cellulite Get Worse With Age in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? They can get to know detailed information by visiting some healthcare experts. This cellulite if get worse may lead to many chronic health problems in obese people. 

What is Cellulite?

It is the collection of fats that pushes out the connective tissues of the body. Cellulite is majorly formed by the accumulation of excessive unwanted fat cells. This gives a lumpy appearance to the body and makes it in a wavy shape. The accumulation of fat cells occurs in some prominent body parts such as the thighs, abdomen, and hips region. It is generally a harmless skin condition and there is no crystal clear cause of its formation.

How Common this Condition is?

This condition is getting more common among men and women both. But women are more prone to getting cellulite due to some physiological conditions. 

After puberty, certain changes occur in your body and you develop many hormonal changes. Age, genetics, and hormones play a crucial role in developing cellulite when the woman is growing older. You also know that skin loses its elasticity with age and becomes sag. The saggy skin gathers and forms lumps in the body leading to cellulite formation. Some obese people also increase the prominence of cellulite.


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How It is Caused?

It is reported that cellulite does not occur much in men. Women experience more cellulite formation due to various reasons. 

As we know our skin contains fibrous and elastic bands that give it firmness. When these fibrous bands become more tightened the muscles underlying it makes it more tighten. This tightening causes the skin to sag and the underneath layer of fat bulges out from the skin. It gives a lumpy and bumpy appearance that is named cellulite. 

Another cause of cellulite is that the fibrous bands are connected to our superficial facia. This layer is actually present below the hypodermis containing much fibrous connective tissue. In men, fibrous tissue is arranged in a crisscross fashion while in women they are parallelly arranged. 

More commonly women have more amount of estrogen hormone. This hormone stimulates the role in the storage of fat. As this hormone is absent in males so they do not appreciably develop cellulite. 


Cellulite is the segregation of abnormal body fat specifically in the thighs, abdomen, and pelvic region. 

  • Type 0

There is no cellulite in the body. You are slim and have the equal physique

  • Type 1

You have a small amount of cellulite that appears when you are sitting. When you stand up all the skin dimplings vanish. 

  • Type 2

Your body has moderate lumps when you are in a standing or sitting position. 

  • Type 3

This is the extreme condition of cellulite. Your skin has raised valley-shaped domes that give a wavy appearance to your body. 

Does Cellulite Get Worse with Age?

Yes, it gets worse with the natural aging process. Actually, as you get older the amount of collagen in the body lowers. The skin loses all its tightness and firmness. It starts accumulating at the different sites of your body. This gets worse with age as the skin almost gets sagged and enhances the appearance of cellulite.

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