Dr. Shehzadi Tasneem

Welcome to the realm of aesthetic excellence curated by Dr Shehzadi Tasneem at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai. Step into a world where beauty is crafted with precision and care. Dr. Shehzadi Tasneem is not merely a plastic surgeon; she is an artist dedicated to sculpting the visions of aesthetic elegance. With an illustrious background and a commitment to excellence. She stands as a beacon of innovation and mastery in the field of aesthetic surgery and the epitome of grace, skill, and innovation. As a distinguished female plastic surgeon, Dr. Tasneem has dedicated her career to empowering individuals through transformative procedures that harmonize beauty and self-confidence. With a focus on aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Tasneem offers a plethora of knowledge and experience in operations that reveal your best self, including breast augmentation, body contouring, and face rejuvenation.

Credentials and Expertise:

Dr. Shehzadi Tasneem boasts an impressive background, holding a medical degree from a prestigious institution specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. With years of rigorous training and hands-on experience, she has honed her skills in various cosmetic procedures, including facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast augmentation, and reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Tasneem, who founded Enfield Royal Clinic, is a firm believer in the ability of aesthetic refinement to uplift one’s soul as well as one’s outward look. With a broad range of cosmetic treatments under her belt, she provides customized care that meets the specific needs of every client while maintaining a delicate balance between grace and beauty.

Commitment to Patient Care:

What sets Dr. Tasneem apart is her unwavering commitment to personalized patient care. She understands that each individual is unique, and she takes the time to listen attentively to her patient’s concerns and goals. Dr. Tasneem believes in fostering open communication and building trust with her patients, creating a supportive environment where they feel comfortable discussing their desires and expectations.

Services Offered:

Dr. Shehzadi Tasneem’s approach transcends traditional plastic surgery. With a patient-centric philosophy, she emphasizes open communication and collaboration, ensuring that each patient feels heard, understood, and an active participant in their aesthetic journey. Dr. Tasneem’s commitment extends beyond the operating room. She actively engages in community outreach and education, aiming to demystify plastic surgery and promote a positive understanding of aesthetic procedures. The following are the key areas of services:

  • Body Contouring:

Dr. Tasneem understands the nuanced artistry required for sculpting the body to perfection. Whether it’s achieving the coveted hourglass figure or refining natural curves, her body contouring procedures are tailored to meet the unique goals and desires of each patient.

  • Liposuction:

Say goodbye to stubborn fat pockets with Dr. Tasneem’s precision liposuction techniques. Melding science and art, she sculpts the body with finesse, ensuring a harmonious and natural-looking result. Following are the different types of liposuction available to you:

  • Laser-assisted Liposuction: A laser is used in Liposuction to remove fat cells by liquefying them with laser energy. The laser also helps to tighten the skin in the treated area, promoting a more sculpted look.
  • Tumescent Liposuction: This method involves injecting an anesthetic solution and medication to constrict blood vessels into the treated area. Suctioning the fat cells out requires making a small incision.
  • Liposuction using ultrasonic vibrations: This method makes removing fat cells easier by breaking them down. This method removes fat from fibrous areas like the upper back or male breast tissue.
  • Power-assisted Liposuction: This procedure uses a special cannula that oscillates rapidly, breaking up fat cells for easier removal.
  • Tummy Tuck:

Experience a transformative journey to a flatter, more toned abdomen with Dr. Tasneem’s expertise in tummy tuck procedures. Her meticulous approach addresses excess skin and tightens abdominal muscles, restoring confidence and vitality.

  • Breast Lift:

Dr. Tasneem’s mastery extends to breast aesthetics, offering personalized breast lift procedures that defy gravity and restore youthful contours. Elevate your confidence with breasts that exude grace and vitality.

  • Breast Augmentation:

For those seeking enhancement, Dr. Tasneem specializes in breast augmentation, using cutting-edge techniques and personalized consultations to achieve results that align with individual beauty ideals.

  • Facelift:

She offers many types of Facelift procedures, tailored to the individual’s needs and the areas they wish to improve. The techniques have evolved, offering several variations focusing on different aspects of facial rejuvenation.

  • SMAS Facelift
  • Mini Facelift
  • Mid Facelift
  • Cheek Lift
  • Jaw Line Rejuvenation

Filler Treatment:

Dr. Tasneem also provides injectable filler treatments. Depending on the chemical they contain, fillers may be categorized into many categories, each with advantages and disadvantages. The most often used fillers are poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and hyaluronic acid.

  • Botox Treatment:

Dr. Tasneem is an expert in botox treatment, they come in various forms, differing primarily in what strain and potency of botulinum toxin they contain. The most common types include Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau.

  • Skin Tag Removal:

Dr. Tasneem’s mastery helps you bid farewell to bothersome skin tags with our expert removal services. She safely and effectively eliminates skin tags using the latest techniques, leaving your skin flawlessly smooth. Trust us to deliver superior care and remarkable

  • Keloid Scar Revision:

Dr. Tasneem’s mastery of revitalizing your skin’s natural beauty is a top priority, and keloid scar revision is an excellent way to achieve that.  We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and concerns. Let us help you reveal a more radiant you.

Empowering Confidence:

Dr. Shehzadi Tasneem is more than just a skilled surgeon; she is a confidence booster. Her approach goes beyond physical transformation, aiming to enhance the outer beauty of her patients and their inner confidence. Through her meticulous work and empathetic nature, Dr. Tasneem helps individuals rediscover their self-esteem and achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of.

Advocacy for Female Empowerment:

As a prominent female figure in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Tasneem is a staunch advocate for female empowerment. She believes in breaking barriers and inspiring other women to pursue their ambitions in the medical and surgical fields. Her achievements serve as a testament to the limitless potential of women in the competitive world of plastic surgery.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Dr. Tasneem operates in a cutting-edge facility equipped with the latest technology and adheres to the highest safety standards. This ensures that her patients receive the best possible care in a comfortable and secure environment.

Embark on Your Transformational Journey:

Greetings from a planet where artistic aspirations come true. Join Dr. Shehzadi Tasneem and the staff of Enfield Royal Clinic as they encourage you to go on a transformative and self-discovery trip. Our goal is to bring out the best in you so that you may face the world with style and elegance because you are beautiful. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, Dr Shehzadi Tasneem is ready to guide you through your transformational journey. With her expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to excellence, she has earned her reputation as the best female plastic surgeon, dedicated to helping individuals look and feel their absolute best. Step into a world of confidence and beauty with Dr. Tasneem’s unparalleled expertise.