Do Aligners Change Your Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Not many people have the courage to laugh out loud with confidence. The reason why you shy away from appearing in the spotlight is because of your unattractive teeth. Unaligned teeth are not a major problem to deal with today. There are a variety of braces that can help you gain confidence. And allow you to smile more brightly. But most people are not comfortable walking around with metal braces inside their mouths. But did you know there is another treatment that can help you to straighten your teeth? If you want to improve the condition of your teeth, that too without any metal braces. Then we have a solution for you.  Aligners in Dubai are a brilliant option you can opt for. Read more about the treatment and learn how Do Aligners Change Your Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

What Are Aligners?

Aligners are also known as Clear Aligners. They are transparent braces. It serves the purpose of correcting the unevenness of your teeth. This is a customized treatment for each individual patient. Aligners are designed to apply the right pressure on your teeth to move them together. It corrects your over-bites and under-bites. Aligners do not support biting or chewing pressure. So you can take them off during your meals. Or while brushing your teeth. Dentists advise Aligners to be put on for at least 20 hours on a daily basis. But if you can not do so, the treatment will not reverse. But it will surely slow down the progress.

How Do Aligners Change Your Face? 

Many people have lived their whole life without any braces. But this does not mean they have had even teeth inside their mouths. But simply because, not everyone is a fan of metal braces. Thanks to Clear Aligners, people regardless of their age are now getting their teeth straightened more than ever before. Everyone is astonished at how Aligners is changing the look on their faces. They smile often and appear happier. Aligners are restoring the confidence you need to look your very best.


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What Is The Method Of The Procedure?

It is the easiest procedure of them all. Below are some facts about the procedure;

  • Your Orthodontist will perform a 3D scan and X-ray on your teeth.
  • He/She will digitally create Aligners that can fit onto your natural teeth.
  • You can put them on and take them off at your comfort. The Aligners are completely pain-free.
  • As the teeth start to align, the expert will modify the Aligners according to the improvements on your teeth.
  • There is a time estimation for each individual patient. Once your teeth are fully aligned. Your smile will become attractive day by day.

What Are The Benefits Of Aligners?

There are a variety of benefits to Aligners;

  • Aligners are creating magic for people who wish to opt for a pain-free procedure. It is a reliable and effortless method to straighten your teeth.
  • It provides a much more convenient way for you to align your teeth without going under a strict treatment plan.
  • You can also put it on while sleeping. The progress will start to take place once it is placed on your teeth.
  • Straight teeth promote good oral health. No bacterias are able to build a home inside your mouth anymore.
  • You can easily brush your teeth twice daily. And floss in between your teeth after every meal.
  • Your gums remain healthy. And your breath feels fresh.
  • All your teeth are arranged perfectly well. And the results last a lifetime. 
  • And lastly, you can laugh and smile at peace. There is nothing to feel conscious about your teeth anymore.

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