Different Types Of Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Root canal therapy is intended to preserve the original tooth. The inflamed or diseased pulp is taken out during a root canal, and the tooth’s inside is thoroughly cleansed and sanitized before being filled and sealed. Get all the details regarding what you should know about the Different Types Of Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

One kind of endodontic therapy is the root canal. Knowing anything about tooth anatomy will assist you to comprehend endodontic therapy. A soft tissue called the pulp is found inside the tooth, underneath the tooth’s white enamel, and a hard layer called the dentin. 

The pulp, which has blood arteries, nerves, and connective tissue, helps to form the tooth’s surrounding hard tissues as it develops. The pulp communicates to the tissues surrounding the root at the tip of the roots, which are located at the tip of the tooth’s crown. During a tooth’s growth and development, the pulp is crucial. However, after a tooth is completely developed, it may continue to function without the pulp since the tooth.

Aim of the Procedure:

  • Nerves in the pulp of a tooth are removed using root canal treatment.
  • Although it is a pain-relieving procedure, it is said to be quite painful.
  • Endodontic therapy is the name for the procedure that is frequently called a root canal.
  • Although the price of root canal therapy varies, it is less expensive than extracting a tooth and replacing it with a crown or bridge.


A small hole is made into the tooth by the endodontist to begin the root canal procedure traditionally. The dentist may access the inside of the tooth through this opening and clean it out. This method of cleaning includes inserting a number of microscopic files into the tooth’s hole. To remove and pull out the diseased pulp, these files scrape the inside of the tooth’s sides. The endodontist will flush out the tooth’s canals using cleaning agents to be sure they have cleared them of any debris. The endodontist will next fill and seal the tooth.


There are two main types of root canal which are:

  • Apicoectomy:

It is a type of therapy that uses only local anesthetic and is categorized as a microsurgical technique. Your tooth’s root tip is completely removed, and the canal is then sealed with a filling substance.

  • Pulpectomy:

It involves the complete removal of the pulp and its replacement with a filler substance. This technique is typically used to salvage teeth that cannot be saved by a pulpotomy alone because of how deep the infection or decay is.

  • Pulpotomy:

It involves removing the diseased pulp from the tooth’s chamber and leaving the healthy pulp in your child’s tooth roots. A pulpotomy only functions if the inner nerve tissue of your child’s tooth is only partially compromised.


The procedure is more than beneficial as it not just only helps you in maintaining the look of your smile but plays the main role in maintaining the health of your tooth and making you relieved from the pain you are suffering. Some of its main advantages include:

  • Preventing the spread of infection to nearby teeth
  • Keeps the jawbone from deteriorating
  • Following the procedure, you won’t need to schedule any follow-up sessions, and your tooth will recover rapidly.
  • Enhances oral and general health.
  • You’ll spend less money while also having your smile restored with this procedure.
  • It not only keeps your teeth healthy but also has a good appearance.
  • With this procedure, you may smile and look stunning without being concerned about a tooth that is sick or deteriorating.

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