Difference Between Lip Flip And Lip Filler in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Every woman loves the perfect Red Lip look. But not everyone is confident enough to opt for the color just because of their fine or thin lips. Some ladies often talk about how they over-draw the shape of their lips to create the effect of a fuller dimension. However, all these acts are going to wash off as soon as you clean your face. But if you are looking for a reliable change, and are willing to undergo a sustainable solution. We are here to help! Read about; Difference Between Lip Flip And Lip Filler in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Discover the magical properties of the two treatments. And consult a specialist today! Only a professional expert can pave the right path to perfection for you.

What Is A Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip In Dubai is a Botox injectable that is used for cosmetic procedures. The aim of this treatment is to insert volume and elasticity into the targeted areas. When injected into the lips, it will lift and balance the entire surface. And also instill the right amount of height into the upper lip region and give your lips a fuller-looking dimension. Furthermore, a special technique is applied to give the lip and flip turnover. It will slightly hold and fold the upper lips, creating a doll-like perfect pout.

How Is It Different From A Lip Filler?

A Lip Filler In Dubai is basically a Dermal filler that contains Hyaluronic Acid. It can be inserted anywhere in the face as well. The aim of these injectables is to pump up volume and promote new cell renewal within the treated region. Similarly, it also stimulates natural collagen and instills elasticity to mark youthful changes inside and outside the skin. When injected into the lips. The fillers will boost volume and plump up the surface by adding depth and dimension to the whole pout. There are semi-liquid to solid injectables to choose from. However, only a board-certified expert is able to determine your need and requirement to reach your desired goals. 

What Is The General Procedure Of The Treatments?

Cosmetic injectables require special techniques. Working on delicately fine and fragile areas, our experts will take their time to gradually shape and sculpt your lips. Below is a step-by-step guide to the process;

  • The first and most important thing is to examine the width of the area under care. It is then adjusted according to the overall shape and structure of the face.
  • Your Cosmetologist will begin the procedure by cleansing the surface. And a numbing cream is applied on top to numb the area. 
  • He/She will fill the injections with the required number of products. And begin to insert the fluid with precise techniques and short strokes.
  • It will take less than one hour, to perform either of the two treatments. In the end, you are given a mirror to see the modifications for yourself.
  • A soothing gel is applied on top to tame the soreness or redness caused by the needles. Your expert in changer will re-schedule your follow-up appointment for the next time. And see you off with some aftercare precautions to follow at home.

What Are The Results And Benefits For Me?

Read and explore the countless perks of Lip Flip In Dubai and discover the beneficial properties of Dermal Fillers In Dubai;

  • You will notice instant rejuvenation in the symmetry. There is a firm lift and volume inside the tissues. This will give you a pouting expression.
  • Another great news is; the collagen inside the area will keep on re-producing the plumpness. As a result, your lips will look fully defined, even without a lip liner.
  • Your smile will also upgrade. Furthermore, even when you are not smiling, there is a cheerful and charming effect on your face.
  • The upper curve of your lip will appear flipped and tender. You will courageously be able to carry any vibrant shade of lipstick with confidence.
  • On top of all this, there is no downtime or any recovery to worry about. It is a quick and easy method to improve the appearance of your beautiful lips.
  • Both treatments are FDA approved. There are no side effects or negative impacts on your health at all.
  • It is also an inexpensive approach to instilling great improvements. And after reaching your desired goals, you can sign up for an annual upgrade according to your needs and requirements. 
  • And lastly, your lips will not disappear even when you laugh or talk. It is an extraordinary transformation to add lavishness to your facial profile. 

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