Difference Between Coolsculpting And SculpSure in Dubai Cost

Want a stunning body that even Aphrodite is jealous of? Or do you wish to show off a few abs this summer in your beach attire? Then get ready to get rid of excess fat with ever-evolving technologies to deliver incredible results according to your requirements. Find out details about the CoolSculpting treatment in Dubai we are offering to dismiss stubborn fat permanently. Explore Difference Between Coolsculpting And Sculpsure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. By reading along the guide, you will make up your mind to choose the best suitable alternative option for yourself.

What Is Coolsculpting?

It uses smart technology to break down fat cells. This is done by creating a cooling effect that takes them below their freezing point. It is usually most effective on thighs, double chin, or love handles in general. Additionally, it also specifically targets the selected area without damaging any neighboring tissues. It is an FDA-approved method that is popular due to its minimalistic risks and countless benefits. It is important to note that it is not a weight loss procedure but simply a way to reduce stored fat from specific areas to upgrade one’s aesthetic appearance.

Difference Between Coolsculpting And Sculpsure: 

  • Technology Usage:

Coolsculpting uses Cryolipolysis to freeze cells and remove them naturally from the body. Sculpsure employs laser lipolysis to melt and target them. Later they are eliminated from the lymphatic system.

  • Treatment Areas:

Coolsculpting has varying shapes of hand applicators that can fit different sizes and shapes of bulges but the other have a fixed handpiece that may not be suitable for every site. However, both can treat various body parts namely, thighs, flanks, back, or chin.

  • Comfort:

Sculpsure may result in stinging and burning during the process while coolsculpting only involves numbing or tingling sensations.

  • Skin Elasticity:

Optimum results in CoolSculpting Fat Freezing are observed in individuals with more elastic skin while in SculpSure, older patients with less skin elasticity are preferred.

Aim Of Treatments:

It primarily dislodges and freezes fats from the site. Apart from that, it improves your overall quality of life and completely transforms the way you perceive your body. Compared to others it is more efficient and non-surgical so there is no risk of infection or scarring. At last, the personalized treatment plan is used to cater to your needs.

What To Expect During The Process?

Some specific steps are performed in the process. The generalized steps strictly followed during the procedure are given below:

  • In the initial consultation, the specialist asks you to avoid taking certain medications before the day of the session. Similarly, photos of the area are taken to monitor before and after progress.
  • The professional then marks the site and glides the applicator across it for a controlled freezing effect. The temperature can go down to almost -8°C. 
  • It usually takes an hour to complete and within this, you will feel no pain or discomfort only slight tingling or numbness.
  • Next, the specialist will gently massage your skin and eliminate any clogged cells from the area to even out the skin.
  • Lastly, frozen granules are broken down into simpler parts and are gradually eliminated from the body through a natural process.
  • Additional sessions are required to reach your desired fitness standards. This is determined alongside your customized diet plan and progress.

Benefits To Look For:

We recommended CoolSculpting In Dubai as it offers a variety of advantages for all candidates with long-lasting results. Below are some optimum satisfactory outcomes for you:

  • First of all, it is a completely non-invasive technique that does not require any incisions or needles.
  • Apart from common side effects no risks are associated with the treatment. Moreover, the results are gradual to allow for a more natural look.
  • It has almost no downtime and recovery needed. You can start working as soon as you leave the premises.
  • You will get a more contoured, defined appearance and notice an increase in self-confidence that will improve your body image.
  • It does controlled breakage so there are no additional tissues damaged apart from the specifically targeted one.
  • Many cosmetic procedures leave barely visible scars on the treated area but this does not leave any marks. In addition to that, it provides you with a comfortable experience every session.
  • Lastly, you don’t need to maintain it since it permanently eliminates the cells by triggering a natural body response.

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