Difference Between Bariatric Surgery And Revision Bariatric Surgery

In the contemporary era, the competition of looking gorgeous charming, and beautiful is getting tougher among the communities of people from different classes and cultures. A huge analysis is conducted to understand the need to attempt surgical procedures to get a perfectly shaped body. To get the best knowledge about what procedure is to be taken into consideration let’s learn about an innovative practice of understanding the Difference Between Bariatric Surgery And Revision Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah which is an innovative method that helps us to get a clear image of why it is needed to go for surgical attempts in the struggle of losing weight.

Bariatric Surgery:

It generally encounters obesity-related issues and it involves reducing the complications related to GIT and the diseases and medical issues that arise from weight gain, It generally brings serious fluctuations to metabolic activities and it is only recommended or considered serious by the experts when there are no chances of losing weight from rest of the techniques like dieting, exercise and drinking detox water, etc.

Why It Is Recommended?

Bariatric surgery as the name indicates involves making serious systematic changes in your gastric and metabolic route and it is recommended when multiple complaints are running parallel due to weight gain;

  • Cardio-compromised issues like heart blockage, vein thrombosis, arteriosclerosis respiratory conjunction.
  • Severe GIT upset like dyspepsia heartburn nausea and IBD

Who Are Eligible To This Procedure?

Bariatric surgery is a permanent solution to weight loss so it is not recommended to everyone around it is mostly suggested to those who have a BMI above 40 so before following the procedure finally, one must have to follow some guidelines to check out his eligibility for the particular procedure.

Revision Bariatric Surgery:

When bariatric surgery doesn’t work enough to get rid of weight loss another trial is taken for a sustainable procedure known as revision bariatric surgery. This is the last line of choice to address problems related to obesity. It is conducted for two main reasons

  • Firstly it is experienced due to the problem of regaining weight or if the optimal solution to weight loss is not exactly achieved
  • Secondly, if the patient who already  had a session of bariatric surgery might suffering from further complications as a result of prior surgery like leakage of the stomach pouch, Loss of a band, or any gut-related issues

Durability Of Revisional Surgery:

The durability, efficacy, and safety of this procedure are long-lasting because it is a more complicated procedure than bariatric surgery so its authenticity and approach to provide 100 percent appropriate results depends upon the availability of expert and skilled surgeon 

What Should Be Avoided After The Surgery?

Several precautionary measures are taken into consideration after surgery.

  • Avoid taking solid food fatty food items, take liquid or semi-liquid food items for months
  • Avoid drinking soft drink alcoholic drinks or soda water 
  • Try to eat a balanced diet full of essential nutrients
  • Avoid lifting huge items and heavy objects.
  • Avoid taking fried items red meat and bread which take longer time to digest.


Weight loss surgery has multiple advantages,

  • It enhances and improves the quality of life
  • It is considered a helping tool for addressing weight regain problems 
  • It increases the efficiency of GIT by fasting up the metabolism or due to less availability of space in the stomach it provides less need for food upon hunger 
  • Besides weight loss benefits it offers multiple advantages like fewer chances of having cardiac disorders, respiratory dysfunctioning
  • It improves sleep and reduces insomnia 
  • It reduces the chances of stones in the gallbladder
  • It improves fertility chances and is found helpful in pregnancy as well
  • It encounters stress-related issues
  • It reduces a person’s intake of medicines for other problems and decreases the death rate


Weight loss surgery has a very small number of Disadvantages Like:

  • People who had revision bariatric surgery are at risk of taking less nutrition because of less capacity of the stomach so they need additional supplements for proper growth
  • There are chances of leakage at the operating site.

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