Diagnostic Blood Test At Home Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Your health is of utmost importance and involves complex structures of organs and other systems working in harmony. But sometimes, it is disturbed, which is where Blood Tests In Dubai come in. They can offer a diagnosis to pinpoint the problem that your body might be facing. Explore in-depth information on Diagnostic Blood Test at Home Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What Is A Blood Test?

It is a medical procedure used as a diagnostic tool to assess your health and diagnose any illness you might be facing. Moreover, the test can be performed from the comfort of your own home without the need to go see any specialist. It offers a wide variety of tests and the most appropriate one is chosen based on your situation or as recommended by the specialist. Furthermore, you will be able to retain your privacy and receive faster results. With convenient and time-saving kits you will be able to start a suitable treatment and get a plan of action moving forward.

What Is The Purpose of This Procedure?

This service can offer insight into a wide range of areas, such as:

  • Disease diagnostic: It can help you diagnose various conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid problems, kidney diseases, and many more. Not only that, it can also indicate any abnormalities and identify any diseases that your body is most likely to develop in the future.
  • Monitor existing conditions: It also involves monitoring any health conditions that you might have been previously diagnosed with. Similarly, the patient with diabetes can check their blood sugar regularly.
  • Monthly health assessment: They can evaluate components in your blood to evaluate your health and ensure that you do not suffer from any health concerns.

Types Of Blood Tests:

  • Complete Blood Count: It measures various components of blood to find abnormalities such as anemia, infections, or blood clots.
  • Basic Metabolic Panel: It evaluates your metabolism and measures electrolytes and their consumption for your well-being.
  • Lipid Panel: This includes measuring cholesterol and triglyceride levels to eliminate the possibility of chronic diseases.
  • Thyroid Test: It ensures that the thyroid gland is working perfectly by assessing hormone levels.
  • Blood Sugar Test: It measures your blood sugar level and is mostly done for a diagnosis of diabetes.

When Will You Receive Results?

The time will vary depending on the type of test performed. You will receive results either by mail or online portal. The results will most likely be received within a week.

What Happens During The Procedure?

  • You will receive your test kit within a few working days. These kits have everything you want during the sample collection.
  • Read the instructional manual provided to ensure that you are aware of the sample’s amount and other requirements.
  • In some cases fasting before the procedure is required.
  • Wear gloves and sterilize your finger before pricking it to extract Diagnostic Blood Test At Home.
  • Now, fill the bottle provided in the kit and sterilize the site again before moving forward.
  • Seal everything and mail it back to the provided address.


  • It is used to identify potential health problems earlier, even before you experience visible symptoms.
  • Moreover, patients with chronic health conditions can monitor their health with regular checkups in a comfortable environment.
  • They can also give you valuable insight into your overall health by analyzing various components of your blood and identifying potential threats,
  • One of its key benefits is that it can save your life with early intervention and specialists can pinpoint the issue to start a suitable treatment.
  • With this, your specialist will be able to start an appropriate treatment and plan an effective course for your treatment.
  • Sometimes you can take preventive measures and modify your lifestyle if your test shows a possibility of developing certain conditions.
  • Lastly, you will be able to regain your peace of mind by confirming your overall health and can take steps to further improve it.

What Is The Cost?

Most of the time, prices vary based on numerous personalized reasons, such as type of test, testing company, insurance coverage, or any additional services. For this reason, it is important to consult a specialist for details about the coverage and gain an exact idea of the cost. To give you a rough estimate, the cost ranges from AED 100 up to AED 1000. 

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