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Our teeth play a very important role in our lives, and therefore they have a great impact as well. They influence the quality of life, which involves how we look, the way we speak & eat, and our self-confidence & esteem.


It is a removable replacement for the teeth & nearby tissues that are missing. There are two kinds of dentures, complete & partial. Dentures that are complete are utilized when all the teeth are missing, whereas partial dentures are utilized when a few teeth are missing. 

However, there are a lot of individuals who wear them to replace lost or missing teeth. This makes their life easy and lets them enjoy a healthy diet & smile with confidence. At our location, we are providing the most affordable Dentures Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to assist our valuable candidates.


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Types of Dentures:

As per the experts at Royal Clinic, following are mentioned the types of dentures in detail to make it easier for the clients to choose which one is perfect for them:

Full Denture:

They are worn by individuals who do not have any teeth, neither in the upper jaw nor lower jaws. These dentures will substitute the missing teeth that are natural & will be placed on the gum ridges. This will provide support to the lips & cheeks and additionally, maintain the distance between the nasal, mouth, & chin.

Partial Denture:

These are utilized when an individual is still having some natural teeth. The dentures will substitute the teeth that are missing & are mostly held in place in the individual’s mouth by clips that hold on to the teeth that are still there. In addition, they are of two materials, plastic & metallic, however, this will be discussed in the initial meeting with the dental expert.

Implant-Retained Denture:

This is an alternative to full dentures. These are utilized to substitute all the missing teeth on the upper & lower jaws. The amazing part about them is, that they can be easily removed  by the individual 

Duration of Dentures:

The duration or life of the dentures depends on how well the individual takes care of and treats them, they last for numerous years. However, they will be required to be relined or re-made due to normal wear, or a change in the shape of the mouth. The bone & ridges can shrink, which will cause the jaws to meet abnormally.

What is the Process?

According to the dental experts at Royal Clinic, the expert of the dental will sit with you and determine what type of dentures are perfect for you, after that the dentist will take impressions of the mouth, which are further sent to a lab where they will be customized. After a few days, the client will make an appointment with the expert to have them fitted.

Caring for Dentures:

Following are mentioned a few recommendations by the dentist, on how to take care of dentures.

  • Soak and brush every day.
  • Prevent them from falling, they might break.
  • Keep them clean, by using water & towel.
  • Utilize a non-abrasive cleanser of dentures.
  • Do not use toothpaste as a cleanser.
  • Refrain from keeping them overnight
  • To eliminate the plaque, daily soak them in a denture-cleaning solution.

Pros & Cons:

As per Royal Clinic, below are quoted the pros & cons of the process:

The Pros The Cons
Increase in confidence. If loose, the client might feel uncomfortable.
Restoration of the smile. Require proper care.
No more missing teeth. Can break if they fall.

What is the Cost?

As per the experts at our location, the standard price of dentures vary from AED 1500 to AED 3000. Anyhow, the actual charges will be determined at the initial meeting with the dentist as there are various factors that will impact the price.

  • The Specialty of the Dentist: The capability of the expert will impact the price of the process. It is recommended to get the process done by a dental expert who is well-trained & experienced.
  • Location: The locality of the clinic fluctuates the price of the method, by means of the kind of class living there. Mostly, individuals with high standards prefer to have the method from a clinic that is located in a high class & has a great reputation, this will affect the charges of the method.
  • Teeth condition & Requirement: The situation of the teeth of the individual matters a lot, this will distinguish how many teeth are missing, or what type of material is required.

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