Dental Implant Procedure Step-By-Step in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

If you have recently gotten your tooth extracted? Or has it fallen off on its own? Do not despair! We have a solution to your problem. A missing tooth or simply a gap in between your healthy teeth can easily be filled. Dental Implant in Dubai is a transformation of a lifetime. Our professional Dentists have helped many patients like you to restore a beautiful smile. And regain the confidence to conquer your dreams. Learn more about the treatment in depth. And how Dental Implant Procedure: Step-By-Step in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah works to provide you the help to boost your confidence. 

What Is A Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a method used to replace a missing tooth. The idea is to replicate a custom-made tooth of the original. And place it in the gaps to fill the spaces. The implants work as an anchor that is hooked on the bone of your jaws. The implants look like screws inserted inside the gums. And the crown screwed to the implant marks the completion of the installation.

What Is The Procedure Of The Dental Implant?

A dental Implant is a step-by-step building up of the procedure. It takes time and patience to get through the treatment. Below is a detailed guide to enlighten you about the entire procedure;

  • The first step of the procedure is to decide which method to opt for.
  • If you are going for the same-day treatment. Your dentist will install the implants and fix the crown the very same day. This allows you to heal up altogether within 6 months’ time.
  • However, whatever procedure you choose from. The treatment is a semi-surgical procedure. Therefore, it is performed under local anesthesia. 
  • Moreover, if you have decided to opt for the two-stage method; it will take less than a year for you to heal in two stages.
  • First, the foundation of the implant is installed inside the jawbone. The goal is to focus on its healing first. 
  • As soon as the gums and the implant bind together. The 2nd stage is activated.
  • The replica of the custom-made tooth comes into power. It is placed on the implant and screwed together.
  • This replica is the crown of the teeth. Once fixed on the implant. No one will be able to spot any difference. 
  • The dentist will finish off with the procedure, by providing the essential dental services.

What Are The Benefits Of The Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a benefit in itself; read more to learn about all the possible benefits of the treatment.

  • An implant not only fills the gap. But also sustains the aesthetic beauty of your appearance.
  • You can easily practice your oral hygiene. And keep your dental health risk-free.
  • No more chewing problems. The dental implant will support its neighborly teeth in terms of providing you comfort throughout your eating experience.
  • You can smile and laugh as wide as you want without feeling any consciousness.
  • A dental implant gives you the confidence to go out and about your daily routine.
  • It is a lifelong investment. So if you take care of your teeth. Your teeth will take care of your smile.

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