Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Several different types of prosthetics are used in modern dentistry. Two of the most common ones include a crown and a bridge. Crowns are supposed to be installed on some kind of support like an implant. A bridge is, in simple terms, several crowns used to restore multiple teeth and their implementation is fairly simple. Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah depend on the type and number of crowns used.

When are they Needed?

Crowns are placed in the following cases:

  • It is necessary to restore the aesthetic appearance of the teeth
  • More than half of the tooth is destroyed
  • There are gaps between the teeth
  • The position of the tooth is turned or protruded
  • Bridges are installed in the following cases:
  • One or more consecutive teeth are missing along with the root
  • Support is needed on healthy teeth for a bridge on both sides of the defect


The Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range from AED 1200 to AED 7000. The cost can vary depending on several factors like the number and type of prosthetics, the dentist’s qualifications, clinic level, and location. The cost will be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation.


Best Clinic of Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost Dubai   Best Clinic of Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai   Best Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost Dubai

Best Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai   Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost Dubai   Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai


Following are the types of crowns:


The look is classic, has been used for a long time, and therefore is quite popular among patients of dentistry. Metal crowns are known for their strength and durability. Using metal crowns, you can completely restore the lost chewing function for decades.

Cost: The price can range from AED 999 to AED 1499


Highly aesthetic, invisible in the mouth, recommended for front teeth. Dental prostheses for public figures are made from this material, but the cost of zirconium is higher. The absence of a metal base makes zirconium crowns as similar as possible to real teeth, which is why they are widely used for prosthetics of both chewing teeth and the smile zone.

Cost: The cost of zirconium crowns can range from AED 1500 to AED 3500

Ceramic or Porcelain:

With the help of these crowns, you can recreate a damaged tooth as accurately as possible. They have good light transmission and often look more attractive than natural teeth. A significant disadvantage of pressed ceramics is the inability to withstand a large chewing load, so this type of crown is usually used for the restoration of upper incisors.

Cost: The cost can range from AED 1999 to AED 3999

How to Care for the Prosthesis?

If you want the prosthesis to serve you as long as possible, then you must follow some rules for caring for the crown.

  • Don’t forget to clean the crown thoroughly, preferably after each meal. For this, a regular brush and a special cleaning agent are suitable. Pay particular attention to the area between the gum and the crown, as food residues and harmful bacteria often accumulate here.
  • If you smoke, it is better to abandon this addiction, as it negatively affects the health and condition of the teeth.
  • It is very important to reduce the consumption of carbonated and colored drinks, coffee, chewing gum, and chewing gum.
  • Avoid changing the temperature of the food while eating. From a sharp jump from cold to hot and vice versa, cracks appear on the prosthesis.
  • If you have crowns made of less durable materials, solid foods should be chewed very carefully, and raw nuts and carrots should be avoided altogether.

Why Choose us?

Enfield Royal Dental Clinic offers services of modern prosthetics and Dental Crowns and Bridges Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is also quite affordable. The cost depends on the chosen method and will be announced to the patient during the consultation. To make an appointment with a doctor, you can fill out the consultation form below. The final choice will always remain with the patient but the patient must receive full information about the options available to him from a competent specialist. 

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