Cryotherapy For Seborrheic Keratosis in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Everyone wants clean and clear skin. That is why, Dermatologists recommend taking care of your body from the inside and out. It is highly important to apply sunscreen even when indoors. UV rays have the power to destroy our skin in various different ways. This is the reason why a lot of people are struggling with unappealing lesions forming all over their bodies. If you happen to be one of them and are looking for non-surgical ways to dismiss this problem for good. We are offering Cryotherapy For Seborrheic Keratosis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for skin transformation. Read how Cryotherapy Seborrheic Keratosis In Dubai works and explore the guide below.

What Is Seborrheic Keratosis?

This is a skin condition that is usually formed as your skin starts to age. However, due to excessive sun exposure at times, the skin tags begin to appear on top. And with the passage of time, they become denser and darker. Although they are not considered to be cancerous, however, it is ideal to get a check-up. Some lesions may often bleed or causes serious rash or itches. In such a case scenario, you are advised to reach out for an expert’s help, as soon as possible. Any delay may lead to serious medical concerns.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

It involves extreme cold air pressure. What happens is; your body is directly exposed to the cold temperature for a calculated period of time. This will trigger your internal heat temperature and reduce inflammation, pain, or muscle soreness of any sort. Ideally, it is also very beneficial in terms of discarding unwanted skin lesions. The method remains the same to treat Seborrheic Keratosis. However, the specific region is drawn under the influence of freezing air and infused with liquid Nitrogen. This leads to blisters formations on the skin. Eventually, they will peel or fall off during the treatment. As soon as the skin heals itself, a new layer of skin is grown over the top. 

What Is The Procedure?

This is an in-office and non-invasive method that is performed at a Doctor’s office. Below is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the process;

  • First things first, you are required to fill in your medical history form. We will record your details for your next appointment.
  • Shortly after a while, we will call you in. An expert will examine the condition of your skin.
  • He/She will gently cleanse the area under care. A numbing cream is applied on top. Although it is not necessary, however, a few candidates require a sense of relief for the first time. Therefore, we make sure to address all aspects of your concerns. 
  • Proceeding toward the real action, the expert will draw cold air for a good two to three minutes time on the concerned spots. 
  • The air pressure is roughly -150 to -180 Degrees Celsius. It will sync with your body’s heat temperature. And create a forced elimination of the undesired lesions.
  • You are required to undergo a series of follow-up sessions to meet your desired goals.
  • In the end, the nurse will wipe and clean the skin. A gel is applied afterward to soothe the tingling sensation or soreness.
  • And finally, you are sent home with a few aftercare regimens. And re-schedule for another session. 

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits to Cryotherapy In Dubai. Read and find out;

  • It is completely pain-free and leaves no marks or scars after the treatment.
  • This works like a charm on the affected area. And has positive impacts on the skin.
  • You do not have to go through a preparation process under this action plan.
  • It can even reverse the signs of aging on the problematic skin.
  • On top of that, there is no downtime or any side effects.
  • You do not have to worry about any recovery time period as well.
  • It is going to boost your confidence which will create positive changes in your life.
  • And finally, all the discoloration or inflammation caused by the skin tags will also fade away in due time.

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