Cost of Exilis Treatment In Dub

Having a slim fit body is a dream of many but only a few get to fulfill this dream by having a diet and exercising whereas their skin remains sagging due to the loss of elasticity in it. The best treatment to deal with it is the Exilix Treatment in Dubai which provides the best result in slimming the body with the help of radio frequency and takes no downtime, as well as the Cost of Exilis Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, is quite affordable.

Exilis Treatment:

Exilis is a non-invasive combined laser that uses heat and radio frequency to help you get the skin tightening and fat-reduction results you want. The method may be used to treat regions around the eyes, neck, and décolletage by promoting fat lipolysis, which dissolves fat cells. While using radiofrequency to target skin that has to be tightened and stimulate collagen synthesis, the ultrasonic technology used in the procedure helps to reduce fat. In order to tighten the skin and enhance its texture of the skin, the pulse helps to reduce the number of fat cells and speed up collagen formation.


The Cost of Exilis Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi is estimated to range from AED 799 to AED 1,999, based on the criteria mentioned below. You may schedule a free appointment with one of our skilled dermatologists to learn the precise cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

A consumer will frequently ask how much the operation will cost. The price is actually a variable aspect of a method. The type of procedure varies from person to person, clinic to clinic. The factors that have the most impact on costs are: 

  • Each clinic has its own standards to uphold in every situation, including the degree of training and integrity of the personnel, the caliber of the output they produce, and the caliber of the equipment they employ. The clinic is offering the greatest services at its end with all the essential facilities to provide its customer with the best solutions if all these standards are high will obviously charge more for its services.
  • The second and most crucial factor is the kind of procedure you select that will deliver the finest outcomes for you. Since there are several procedures and they are all distinct from one another, the materials and equipment utilized in each therapy vary, as do the expenses. Therefore, the cost will depend on the treatment you decide is appropriate for you.
  • The certification and expertise of dermatologists in carrying out a particular operation is the most significant and perplexing factor. Since it depends on the area in which they practice and the particular kinds of slimming treatments that are prevalent there, not all dermatologists are specialists in every technique. As a result, it is crucial to get treatment from a qualified dermatologist if you want to achieve the best results possible without experiencing any risks.
  • Each individual is unique in front of the others, thus their needs and the severity of their problems will vary depending on their condition. Every client wants a different level of fat to reduce and has different needs for skin tightening.

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