Cosmetic Gynaecology for Weight Loss in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

Bariatric surgery is a very important step on the way to the body of your dreams. Unfortunately, grandiose changes do not go unnoticed, and intense weight loss often leads to sagging skin and, as a result, the formation of folds. In such a situation, you can accept and love yourself. But it is better and more useful for health to not neglect the achievements of modern medicine and do skin plastic surgery after losing weight. That’s where Cosmetic Gynaecology for Weight Loss in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah comes into play.

How the Skin Reacts to Extreme Weight Loss?

Even if you lose weight systematically and a little, the skin may not have time to adapt to new realities and sag. And the more extra pounds and the faster the weight loss, the higher the probability of such a development. Excess skin may seem like only an aesthetic nuance that is, something that can be experienced. But everything is much deeper overly stretched skin is difficult to care for. And without proper care, it will not be possible to avoid the accumulation of bacteria that lead to various dermatitis, and with certain localization of folds to infection of the genitourinary tract.


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What to do with Weight Loss or Excess Skin?

Trying to cope on their own, many patients resort to various wraps, massages, special creams, and active physical exertion. This can help if there is not a lot of sagging skin. But if the situation is completely different, all the above methods are simply ineffective. The only effective and long-term solution is Cosmetic Gynaecology for Weight Loss in Dubai. It not only prevents the consequences of intensive weight loss but also allows you to really see and appreciate it! its result.

Surgery for weight loss reduces the risk of obesity-related disorders like type 2 diabetes and cardiac issues, and in extreme circumstances, it can even save a life. Now that you can enjoy being healthier, you might choose to tighten up any remaining loose skin.

Tummy Tuck Weight Loss:

After surgery, skin doesn’t just miraculously pop back into place, but there are ways to decrease and get rid of extra skin. The main goal of abdominoplasty, often known as a tummy tuck, is to tighten the abdomen by removing sagging skin and fat deposits. The surgery may be a possibility for you if weight reduction has left you with drooping skin in the stomach area or “tummy bulges” that are resistant to diet plan and exercise. A belly tuck can assist to reshape your abdomen to give you a flatter, smoother profile as well as reduce the risk of infection and chafing.

Breast Implants & Uplift:

Since breasts are primarily formed of fatty tissues, it is natural for them to get smaller as a result of strict exercise, dieting, and weight loss. Breast augmentation & uplift can assist to restore your body’s proportion, giving you back your pre-weight gain curves, if your breasts have lost volume or shape as a result of weight loss. An uplift can stop drooping while breast implants can make the breasts appear bigger, rounder, or more symmetrical. Asking whether you’ll require an uplift is always preferable because boob jobs can be performed without one.

Face and Neck Lift:

You can tell when you’ve lost a lot of weight when you look in the mirror. After having bariatric surgery, some individuals develop loose skin, which can age them. It’s quite natural to have sagging skin around the face and neck, and one of the most popular cosmetic operations after weight reduction is a facelift. By tightening the skin on your face, jowls, and neck, this surgery can help you look more refreshed and youthful.

Body Lift and Contouring:

You may want to consider body lift surgery if you’ve recently lost a large amount of weight and have extra skin above or below the waist. Body contouring, another name for body lift surgery, aids in restoring the body’s natural contours and shapes. Our clinic can provide a customized surgery package that might include a tummy tuck along with an arm lift, thigh lift, buttock lift, and breast augmentation. One of the top cosmetic doctors with whom we partner can offer advice on a body lift surgery package that is customized to your desired outcome.

Pubis Lift:

During a pubis lift, the loose skin and fatty tissue from your mons’ pubis are surgically removed. Your body may need up to eight weeks to recover. There will be a scar from the incision, but your doctor will work to hide it as much as possible.

The Takeaway

The Enfield Royal Gynecology Clinic’s expert surgeons have assisted patients in reshaping their bodies and face in addition to helping them drop enormous amounts of weight throughout the years. Your path to a new you may continue with Cosmetic Gynaecology for Weight Loss in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Take the next step right away by getting in contact by filling out the consultation form below.